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The Toybox

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dvd commentary
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I have totally depressed myself by re-reading my own freaking fic. The Spiderman/Smallville crossover one. Okay, the thought that lingers is, who the hell let me write that? Everyone is *miserable*. I mean, when not fucking. And I thought this was a *good idea*?

I keep having to stop and apologize to Peter for, you know, killing *his wife*. And Clark and Lex for making them so utterly depressed. Everyone in there should be on *medication*.


So, low stress. If I were to do a DVD commentary on a fic, any in particular you'd be interested in reading? I've done--er, two? I'm not terribly good at it, mostly because the structure eludes me. But hey! I can try! None of the WiPs, since I never know where I am in those until I'm there. But you know, any of the others? Will try.

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58 Standing in the Common Spaces by jenn
smallville/spiderman sum: This could be a romance but there are too many shadows. I don’t know if I like it, but I like the silky feel of her skill.

That's what I wrote in my own little summary file and it's still true :) But if I could have a DVD commentary track could it please be for 'Through the Looking Glass' cause that one made me cry in the first paragraph and I remember it taking me almost a week to brave it once again and being glad that I did.

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