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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
amireal no longer exists. I have no idea who she is, I have never written with her, and never will her name be spoken in my presence again.

Also, Cherry Orchard coffee from Central Market. Party in a cup. Best stuff *ever*. Will sell liver for unlimited supply.

Right. amireal shunned. I mean, if she existed. Which she does not.

That is all.

*gasp* Then who am I on AIM with? *is afeared*

*narrowed eyes* Are you mentioning her name?

To be fair.

...you sorta asked for it. *koff*

*pokes nose in* What has she done now? Are we going to, ahem, see the results of the shunning?

*twiddles thumbs*

SHE DOES NOT EXIST!!!!1111!!!!1111!!!!

However, if she did? I would have to retaliate. And it would be terrible.

Does this mean there will be some sort of crack fic/idea coming?

*rubs hands together expectantly*



I am laughing so hard right now.

So few understand my transcendental pain. So few.

See? THIS is why I love this fandom. I can't think of anywhere else I would find such wonderful, lovely authors discussing ass babies and toilet paper and no lube.
*Sits back contetedly.*
I love you guys.

Did you get to hte post-apocalyptic my pretty ponies part? That's when I startd to cry.

ok, you're really freaking me out now. Please stop? Because it's all fun and games with the capslock, until some psycho actually writes it.


*thoughtful* According to my understanding of the badfic fannish mind, someone *right now* is taking me and Ami's Chaya versus Rodney war up there and writing up a serious fic on the subject.

With lubeless buttplugs.

Yeah. It's pretty much too late now.

*clings* I've always admired your sanity, you know? I forgot to say that in the meme. *nods fervently*

I'm just sitting here snickering and deciding to add this to my memories for those days when I need to laugh so hard I nearly break ribs.

*snickering even harder*

wow. all this is just... wow. it's so wow, it's scary.

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying, and getting strange looks from hubby!

Ditto with the memories!

My love for you all cannot be textually rendered. *offers self in supplication*

Er... did I miss something while I was asleep?

I'm sorry, but my brother & I just spent like a half hour mixed between helpless laughter & acting out the war b/c it just had to be done. All in all we're of the opinion that you are all silly & part of our list of people who won't be killed when we take over the universe b/c you're amusing (not that I wouldn't save you anyhow for the fanfics you've created.)



You two are DEAD to me. DEAD. I am fleeing this fandom.

Going back to Smallville. SMALLVILLE.

I feel broken and violated and like I've just watched my parents get into a screaming match over the baby taking a dump on the expensive leather couch.

DEAD to me!