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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a continuing theme
children of dune - leto 1
Here, ninety-one listed found individuals, many still missing or presumed lost. A few stories, a lot of websites.

Finished updating to current, I think. I need to go back and double check all the comments, so more people have been added to the listing. I keep having this half-desire to build a database--yes, you can stop laughing now--to keep track of those who move between fandoms via their lj names and hook up all their former fandoms and acknowledged pseudonyms. A fannish registry, if you will. Oh! I could extend it to X-Files and other older fandoms! I could build a website for it all! And then I remember I'm lazy and would need to buy a new domain to house it all.

Fannnish project. I said I wanted one. *shakes head* I can't even think of what kind of script I'd need to run it.


I spent the last week making a mental list of people I've missed. Pre-Smallville. Two link game can get me to any SV person I would want to find, possibly less. QaF--probably two links at most with most I like to keep up with. Movieverse--mostly I think I can find everyone, or know who to ask to find them, or conversely, I desperately want to forget them. Some--hmm. Some I know are gone for good--and let me tell you, nothing is more depressing than writing the line "presumed left fandom". Some don't claim that name or fandom or those stories, some stories are taken off the net and gone forever, some are around but I just haven't found them yet. It's weirdly unsettling. Koi and I were once talking about archives that seem to stand forever--Trekiverse, Gossamer among the oldest--and how they could vanish in a freaking *lightning storm*. Okay, yes, I know most servers are better protected than that, but still. EMP pulse. Yes, most are backed up in more than one place--I still have the entire XMMFF archive zipped into a corner of my harddrive. But go with it.

I have this entire depressingly nostalgic post stuck somewhere in my folders--I have a folder of posts I will never post, and considering you've seen what I'm willing to post publicly, that's really saying something--that's all about the vague sense of displacement at the realization that a part of my first fandom is completely inaccessible right now due to the loss of the people I first looked up to, waxed eloquent on feeling rootless, and possibly mourning how it's differnent than it was back in teh days of mailing lists.

I'm waiting on permission for one story still on another author, so I'll start with D'Alaire.


Irremission and Avalar by dalaire, Paris/Torres, multiple pov. The first one is written in a way that, if you've read my story Gladly Beyond, you'll say, Ah, this is where she got it. Yes, this is where I got it.

Irremission and Avalar are a Voyager AU, change point set pre-Voyager, rich use of original characters and some of the best world building ever.

D'alaire was the first Voyager novelist I read, the first I loved, the first I couldn't get out of my head. She was exactly what I wanted to be as a fannish author and she's stood the test of time that I can read her now and still love her fic. Extremely character-driven plot, and character-centric plot. Extremely, *extremely* detailed world building. But this isnt' her best work.

This is.

The Word Painter

Paris/Torres, AU, changepoint season two, 2.4 MB

It's long. This is a three or four day read. Well, I read it as it was being posted, but. Yeah. It's there in everything I rec, everything I read; everything I have ever loved in fic comes from here. All my taste was formed in this novel, what I ask of a good author, what I ask of a great author, what I expect of good worldbuilding, of a good AU. Every story I've read in seven years--seriously, it's July, I just finished my seventh year in fandom--is put up against this story as the example of how it's done. None have ever transcended it. samdonne is the first to equal it in sheer scope. It's amazing. For me--and I was just finishing my first year in fandom when I read it--it was the ultimat example of an author taking the source text and transcending it.

It's stuffed full of OCs that are fleshed out and utterly real. She built an entirely new *civilization*, complete with a complete *culture* and sent our characters in, and it's a mystery that isn't a mystery at all. It left me breathless and hurting and happy. And I read it so many times I have parts *memorized*. And I still love it to distraction. It's still my standard in worldbuilding, in OC creation, in culture building.

I am talking about this way too much. Yeah. I don't care. It's breathtaking and it's everything and it makes me feel like I'm in Voyager again the first year and reading this and thinking, this is what I've been waiting for. This is why I'm *in* fandom. This is why I'll stay. I want to read these, write these, *be like this*. Have a mind capable of creating something this utterly mindblowing. Hone myself until I'm capable of doing something close to this good.

I'm still getting there.

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dood, I just went to the lost & found and laughed and laughed. omg you found me! I had no idea I had gone missing!

(counts fingers and toes to be sure)


*rolls eyes dramatically* I was not building an *entire section* for you and seema saying Can't Get Away From Them, Ever.

*wide eyes* I can change that.

>>I have a folder of posts I will never post, and considering you've seen what I'm willing to post publicly, that's really saying something<<

Oh, yes. So do I. But ... it's not that I'm not willing to post them, it's that I ran out of steam during the writing before they were shaken into a coherent form. And I *intend* to go back and finish them and post them, but I am a queen of procrastination.

Well, maybe there's a couple rants about Controversial Fannish Topics that I might hesitate to post even if I ever finished writing them....

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