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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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long night, long day
flying squirrel
I have never considered life more utterly boring than being awake at 4:44 in the morning. Yes, that early. Actually, three, but I spent an hour forty-four convinced in the next five minutes, I'd fall back asleep. Then eventually, I did.

I'd like to extend a thank-you to researchgrrrl for the fact that Bruce freaking Campbell cameo'ed as the guy who was in front of me during a--I can't believe this is what I dream about--an appointment to get a haircut. Yes. And he had a big--thing--of books that me and someone else had to drag around the cafeteria for him.

Also, he wasn't using the name Bruce, but instead Jack Vaughn, which even in my dream didn't make sense and I'm pretty sure is due to that Alias finale recap that Madelyn gave me. Pretty much, my dream was--I am trapped in a cafeteria before a hair appointment with a whole bunch of people pushing around books.

Even with a symbolic view, that's a really, really boring dream.

Rabbit News

In a weird, creepy turn of events, Sloppy and Bryante, who lived on teh second floor of the fortress, somehow figured out how to jump a lot better than I'd given them credit for, and the three of them have set up a fairly--disturbing--relationship on the ground floor. A disturbing and *messy* relationship, which we won't discuss except to say, you would never guess that any three animals could make that much of a mess. Reggie and Bryante are doing--something, I don't know what, but it's strange and kind of creepily cuddily. I try every day to pick them up one by one for pre-emptive cuddling, which they seem to be okay with for all of five seconds, but I get a little of my fix and all is well. Waffles continues to try to bite me, but I think it's less die, human scum, but more, I find you strange and cute, human scum. Here. Wear my teethmarks. He definitely doesn't come close to breaking the skin, he doesn't hang on, and it doesn't really hurt--but you know? Still my skin there. And I still have a scar below my knee from his last endeavor at closeness.



Er. Working. Security? Still screwed up; two more people's permissions, two *different* people--were pulled abruptly and I had to redo the security forms for them. One of the originals with problems still doesn't have one of her programs--apparently, at this point, security issues are being handled by trained hippos, because I will not insult monkeys by saying they could have anything to do with this. Permissions are given and yanked--wrong information is given--wide eyed shock that we want *more*, like, say, all the stuff listed on our *forms*.

Hippos. Not monkeys. Stupid hippos.

On the other hand, I have coffee. Good coffee-brought-from-home. I have a salad for lunch. I have tamales. My good black pants came home. Possibly under their own power. And I have a project that--huh. Could have started *that* this morning. I am going to VVC and rooming with svmadelyn and lierdumoa and fashes and permetaform and I cannot even put into words how excited I am about that.

So really, not too bad. Using flying squirrel icon of good moodiness.

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a much needed happy story

Dude, there's just crazy Bruce freaking </i>Campbell</i> vibes in the air. Years ago, I'd written some essays for his old web page at his request. Much to our mutual delight, a lovely young woman from NZ wrote him to request that he pass along her fanmail to me.

(So, okay. Let's take a moment to grin like loons over how fun and surreal that was.)

Anyway, she and I corresponded for about a year. It was while I was juggling grad school and doing the whole forensic archaeology gig. When I moved to Oregon, though, I lost touch with her. Of all damned things, a friend was playing with LJ Seek a few days ago and ran my name through for the hell of it. Well, guess what? My young friend grew up to be my fabulous peer in archaeology. She's even been gracious enough to credit that decision to me.

...AND SHE'S EVEN INTO SPN. (Well, and SGA. But who really pays much attention to that? *g*)

It's a crazy world, baby. Be glad that Campbell's only showing up in your dreams. Once he starts popping up in your waking life, that's when the weird stuff really starts to happen.

Thus? I see your squirrel icon of good moodiness and greet it with my own. And, FWIW, I find you strange and cute, too. C'mere. I want to be Waffles-close to you. *nibbles*

Re: a much needed happy story

*eyes you* Your--your *people* are invading my *unconscious*. I'm almost sure you did this with malice aforethought, I just have no idea *how* yet. But I will. I *will*.

God, you have archaeology fangirls.

*grins* That is so cool.

Re: a much needed happy story

What can I say? Campbell's just...pervasive.

Besides, me? Acting with malice aforethought? *startled look* No! How can you even suggest such a thing? I'd never behave in such a way. I mean, not unless I was dealing with someone who had no qualms about creating excruciatingly visceral word pictures with the phrase "DIAPER FETISH." *lips thin* I'm just sayin'.

And, yeah, I'm totally jazzed to have hooked back up with an old friend who know shares an overlap in professional interests, too. Way cool. (That Campbell? He's quite the multi-purpose tool. *g*) It's also just nice to know my life's legacy won't be based entirely on the time that I wore the jeans with no ass in them to work, yo.


You're gonna be at VividCon? Really?


(Note for VividCon face2face reference, fangirl is *much* larger than pictured in icon.)

Yes! I was excited to find out m'self! Very excited. The incoherent point of excited.

*happy bouncing* And you're going to be there! And this will possibly be the *coolest trip ever*. *hugs you*

::grabs your hands and bounces with you::

*eeeeeeeeee* *squeeeeeeeee*

::hugs you back::

With regards to the Rabbits news:

There was this great big orange cat who lived in my neighborhood who was incredibly mellow and didn't really care who you were as long as you scratched just that spot on his chin. And one day I was petting him and he reached over and clamped his jaw around my wrist (he was an awfully big cat so yeah, my entire wrist: in his mouth)--didn't put any pressure there, just held my arm. I was unnerved but my dad said that's one way cats show affection.

Do rabbits do anything similar?
Waffles: Hmm...clearly the humping and marking hasn't won her heart yet...Perhaps--no--but maybe? Yes! She will obviously be wooed by my careful non-bleeding of her!

Either that, or he's a failed vampire. Or he could be like Bunnicula!

Oh GOD. That? Is exactly what the little bastard was thinking.

Bunnicula--also a possibility. Hmm.

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