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svreview: rosetta, s2e17 - take two

Been thinking on Rosetta.

Cutting for spoilers, since I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't got to see the show yet.

Something occured to me the other night while reading ClarkLex, which made me think, scarily, that Jor-el wasn't exactly as--imperialist as he sounds, though damn, it's kind of depressing, as I like the idea of Hordes of Kryptonians descending on Earth.

Damn. But anyway.

This is kind of rambly, because I'm not one hundred percent sure of all the connections. Spoilers for Skinwalker, Rush, Fever, and Rosetta, I think.

I don't think Jor-el specifically meant, go to this planet and conquer it. I think--THINK--using the anthropological information he had on Earth, he assumed that this would be the safest way to assure his son survived.

Okay, work with me here.

The last (only?) time a Kryptonian came to earth was (apparently, according to the information given) to hang out with the Skinwalker tribe, nomadic Kansas Indians, apparently. By Kryptonian standards, probably just about how we consider the Neanderthals now.

So there are two possiblities in that.

One--Kryptonian Guy A hung with the tribe, left the legend there, went to Krypton, and reported that this was what the species was like. Therefore, when Jor-El was mulling places for Clark to go, he looked at what he had. A primitive society, based off of, to their very scientific society, superstition, legend, and fable.

I'm not making a anthropological judgement here, just trying to work through things, so bear with me.

Now, Kryptonian Guy A knows all about the entire sun phenomenon. Probably scientifically documented in a variety of ways, etc. Jor-El looks at what he has. Clark will look human, so far so good, but he will be physiologically stronger, faster, and develop powers NO NORMAL HUMAN could have. In sending his child, he has the very real possiblity that this society would fear the child as a demon, based spirit, etc, whatever, and try to kill it. Hence, instruction to the ship and to Clark to go the god route, where your life tends to be a bit safer. Objects of worship are protected, etc.

This assumes Kryptonian Guy A didn't wander out and see who ELSE was bopping along on earth, but hey, maybe Kryptonians are at such a melting point in their own society that it didn't occur to them that on Earth, there was still a multitude of societies/cultures/steps on the industrial scale going on. Or that there WOULD be a huge differnece between the Indians they encountered and, say, some Europeans across the ocean, etc.

THis assumes that Kryptonians broke faster-than-light travel, quite literaly, and Kryptonian Guy got back very, very fast. Or sent his information Very Very Fast. Hell, maybe info travels faster than people, who knows.

Two--we jump everything down below the speed of light. The first Kryptonian was sent, as an adult, with some smarts at his side, to evaluate and prepare for the (possible) colonization of earth or maybe just because he was bored as hell and this was his job. Bop from planet to planet and evaluate, send info home, a la Star Trek. His leaving all that stuff was in case another Kryptonian stumbled in, though wow, they were really specific, weren't they?

Anyway. Again, his interpretation of society, if he was short sighted enough not to go looking for others, would be the baseline.

The reason this appeals to me as a theory is basically Star Trek--you know, they all bop by each planet and Everyone Is Exactly The Same All Over the Planet, same languae, same customs, etc, and you know, no one goes to look outside the Major City usually, unless it's because revolution is being planned. It's WEIRD. And something I did start noticing after awhile when I got old enough to think, hmm, we have three hundred languages and they have only ONE? Er, why?

Anyway, considering this is television, the theory works. Kryptonians saw Indians, said, hmm, everyone is like that, flawed people, be a god and avoid being burned as a demon blah blah blah.

Frankly, it's really practical. If that was what Jor-El was worried about, I can't really blame him that much.

Of course, the biggest flaw is the fact there was a signal that came to earth that was translatable with Clark's name and take care of our child thing, which no primitive society should have the capability to decode. But again, it comes down to exactly how much information and time Jor-El had before he shot off Clark toward earth. He might have been just covering all possiblities, which again, as a father, he would definitely want to do straight off the bat.

There are way way too many variables to be sure of any absolute, but the thing with Skinwalker does sit with me longest, espcecially with that made-to-order mythology. They had the mythology, and if that was what Jor-El thought that Clark would be dealing with, he would tell that ship to make sure Clark fit into it, to save him.

Again, speculation. I could be missing HUGE bits in the episodes that make this an exercise in illogical explanation. *g* I have no problem with that. And if anyone's said this before, my apologies upfront--I haven't seen anyone else specuating on this, honestly, as the dijointedness probably shows. *g*
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