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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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I think happiness can be defined as fresh, homemade tamales for lunch.

Dear God, I feel like a happily stuffed tick after time spent with a Great Dane.

This relates to the fact that by the refrigerator in the breakroom is a manual scale, the kind with the weights that you have to move about. It's pretty much irresistible, so you *have* to go check it out. And by checkout, I mean, check your weight. By the refrigerator. On one hand, as long as my clothes fit, I do not give a damn.

On the other, I'm a girl, and I want to know.

So curiosity satisfied at weighing in at roughly 160. I weighed 125-140 in high school, depending on week, so hell if I know what my weight is *supposed* to be. I will state that the likelihood of me ever dieting for any reason other than imminent death is laughable, so--huh.

On the third hand, in heels, I am so very, very tall, and man do I get a kick out of that still.

Yes, pointless entry here. Tamales. That, my friends, is what makes life worthwhile.

Fannish Project of Mystery has begun. Well, if by begin, you mean, kind of mostly decided.

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You're six feet tall right? According to this body mass index calculator, that's a perfectly healthy weight to be for your height. And your clothes fit! Yay!

I'm thinking of baking a cake this afternoon.

That comparison is apt because, well, it's a huge Great Dane and such a little tick, but also disturbing because stuffed ticks are possibly one of the grossest things ever, especially when you (accidentally) squish one. And I can never resist a weighing scale. The weight itself is not so much the issue as the way in which the green line on electric scales run about when both the feet are not in the right spots. Fascinating. I suppose I'm easily amused.
Looking forward to the Fannish Project of Mystery.

Supposedly, the rough, rough estimate for your most ideal weight is 100 pounds for the first five inches, five pounds for each additional inch, with wiggle room of 10 pounds in either direction, depending on the size of your frame.

I'm 5'8", with a big frame (broad shoulders, large feet, large hands) so that would put me at 140 w/out taking frame into account, 150 taking my frame into account, which (knowing myself) is probably a good estimate. I'm hovering around 160 right now, after peaking about 20 pounds higher last year. 150 seems where I'll be most comfortable...140 would probably be pushing it/skinny looking on my frame.


I think happiness can be defined as fresh, homemade tamales for lunch.

Oh, yes. One of the things I miss about Texas in general and San Antonio in particular is the ability to get really good, freshly made tamales at a very reasonable price. Actually, I miss the Tex-Mex in general; it's just not the same anywhere else.

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