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insta!rec - Scheherazade by in-wintertime
better than cookies
Scheherazade by in_wintertime, rec stolen from 2naonh3_cl2

I really--I mean, *really*--want to devote a few hours to talking about this, but it's one twenty in the morning and basically I'm already screwed to zombiedom tomorrow at work.


This and samdonne are the reason the lure of the gen side of the force is so fucking *powerful*. ltlj, pentapus, and miss_porcupine gave me a taste for it, and in_wintertime and samdonne have just helped it along. This story is amazing.

And for our next assignment: compare and contrast Your Cowboy Days Are Over by samdonne with Scheherazade. Mull on character-based plot and truly alien species. When you get done, thank God this is our fandom and we get to *read these*.

Fifty five thousand words, give or take. Bring coffee and some food. You won't be getting back up anytime soon.

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GAH, I want to read this *so badly* -- I've been watching for months as the chapters were added, vowing not to start reading yet another WIP. And now I have homework to do. ::sob::

You'll love when you start.

(Deleted comment)
I think I might this weekend. God, so good.

Yes, yes, yes. I started reading Scheherazade way back when she first began it on Wraithbait, and performed an extremely embarrassing and involuntary chair dance with every update. It went in a direction that I didn't expect at all after the first several chapters, and I'll admit that there are a few in the middle that lose me. But the piece in its entirety is just this sweeping rhapsody on the theme of identity, and really, how cool is it to find that lurking among the Mary-Sues and misspelled porn? zomg ♥ the end

*g* Yeah, that must have been surreal finding it there.

I am so glad I didn't know about it until it was done. Would totally not have survived between updates.

Oh, I'm so pleased you put this on your recommend list. It's so very good, and I've been fretting over people missing it since I read it. I keep going back to see who's commented (because I'm odd and strange) and wondering anxiously if it's one of those stories that slid under the radar because everyone was having a busy week when it was posted. It seemed such a shame that this sort of quality work wasn't enjoyed by the whole community.

Now I'm running off to read the first rec - thank you for bringing all these works to our attention. People who rec stories totally *rock*.

It would have slid under my radar; I tend to read gen in a pretty hit and miss fashion and this week I'm just too busy to do anything but 'miss'.

But now I have to read it.

Huh. No. Must check out.

yes, the cowboy connection really is strong, b/c it addresses so many similar issues (and i tried to address that in a rambling comment yesterday but am not sure i was clear to anyone but myself :-). And you're right! I haven't read this much gen in a long, long time (and my 3 must read on my rec list at the moment turn out to be 2 gen and freedom, which could be defined like that in the right light.)

God, between Cowboy and Scheherazade, all the connotations of memory have been explored amazingly, and in such completely different ways. I just feel *high* from reading it. Probably going to go back and read Cowboy again this weekend and thsi one right after to catch the feeling of both together.

God. Amazing.

Man, your rec and all the comments are so persuasive, but I'm gun-shy: Your Cowboy Days Are Over broke my heart. I'm not sure I would make it!

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