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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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taking suggestions
another frog
Okay, so--say I wanted a non-writing fannish project. Any suggestions? Yes, seriously, non-writing. I used to redo my site when I was stressed, but I kind of like it as-is.

So. Project. Something intersting and useful and fun.

Okay. Go. What should I do?

Um...can you do vids?
Or you could make a collage, or a banner.

Me and vid are not OTP--however, my Adobe is around here somewhere and I *think* it works.

Hmm. I haven't tried art in years. Except for my frog icons.

I was thinking about that. I just have the most dorky taste in icons. I get on bizarre animal themes.

But hmm. I could do rabbits.

Do more of those looong recs. Encourage others.

Create a rec challenge like you talked about.

Or is that too close to writing?


Well, a rec wouldn't be writing, so much as creative and lengthy squeeing. I like that. Squeeing at others is fun.

hmmm... non-writing... I suppose mentioning that Landscape ended up on SV-inquiry would be gauche then, huh? I'll make sure I don't mention it *eg*

I've got some fannish cross-stitch patterns, if you like that kind of thing. BTVS, Trek, SG-1 Classic, Pros, Alias Smith & Jones; I could send one or two as attachments . . .

God, I haven't done cross-stitch in years! But thankyou for the offer.

...you have *fannish* cross-stitch? Oh wow.

Polls? Organize some sort of challenge? (It needn't be writing, and the organizational part is above and beyond creativity)

Rewatch all SGA episodes and post random squee?

Oh! Music mixes! For a character or a theme or even an episode. Yis.

Id go wit icons. Vids are incredibly hard, and you strike me as a person who'd want to be *good* at something and the learning curve to get there...

But icons are wonderful little 100x100 pieces of art that even I manage to do (albeit badly :-)

Other than that, I love amireal's suggestion, but nonfiction writing's still writing, right? Rec challenge? Hey, tha'ts something even I might be able to participate in for once??? ;-)

Digital Scrapbooking of your favorite moments in fandom. So addictive and useful!! And so many resources available!

Hm. How about themed recs sets? And then we get to guess the theme.

Organizing things into groups always makes you feel better. *nods sagely*

You could do art, maybe? Or train your bunnies to reenact SGA scenes and then take photos or videos of that, and then we'd have SGA in 30 seconds as reenacted by bunnies or something...

OH! Or, like, little action figures to be John and Rodney and whatnot, trapped on the planet of the giant bunnies. It'd be, like, slideshow fic.

Definitely involve the bunnies.

Well... there's an SGA marathon this Friday...

I got nothin'.

Here's my Atlantis bunny. Maybe it's more helpful.

Really? *squees with happiness, because she will have access to cable this Friday*

I like thepouncer's idea of organizing a writing challenge. You get to pick your own theme, so you can get everyone else to write the kind of stories you like without having to write them yourself.

Other than that, you might try baking. Cookies, brownies, muffins...

See, and here I was thinking crocheting mug mats for under your coffee cup.

A mood theme! Do an SGA mood theme!


*goes back to working on stuff for class*


*goes to look for fanfic because hates doing homework*