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rec - an affair to remember by tira nog
better than cookies
Sometimes, I need *Romance*. Note the capitalization. I need *fuzzy* Romance. Again? Capitalized. I need falling in love in exotic locales and shipboard romance, reluctant separation, broken hearts, and OMG HURT and OMG COMFORT!

You get the end part, right? OMG COMFORT. Yes. I think we have it.

This, ladies and gentlemen--do I have any gentlemen?--is how h/c is *done*.

You've seen the movie. Now read the fanfic.

An Affair to Remember, McShep Style by Tira Nog.

Long. Long long long. Over ninety-one thousand words of unadulterated deep romance and love forever and OTPness and yes yes yes, I am so in that warm and fuzzy place. Run, do not walk, do not pause.

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EEEE! Thank so much for the rec!!!:)

thanks for the rec, this looks like a story I'm going to have to wait until Friday night before I start reading it. :)

I took about 2 hours last night to read through that. I was downright amazed at it, though i don't think i've ever seen the movie. I'm still amazed and how well the pacing of that went, and how much in character they still were desipte the obvious differences in occupation.

Definitely drool worthy in that alone. I was very close to tears as i read that ending. Very few fic do that to me, and i've only found one other that does that over in my first fandom...

I liked it a whole lot, even if I never saw the original movie it was based on, yep.

I stayed up untill 2 am last night reading this story. Couldn't stop, literally couldn't stop.

*waves* If my choices are lady or gentleman, then yes, at least one gentleman reading. :) Thanks for the rec, and the warning that it's long so I didn't start it when I should already be in bed. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

*flail* *squee* *sob* *flail* *sob* *squee*

Make recs like that whenever you want! *sniff*

I'm gonna have to wait to feedback Tira Nog until I can resist begging for a sequel....

I'm a gentleman too! Well, man. Not all that refined. Maybe more young adult male miscreant ne'er-do-well or somesuch. A twenty-something do-nothing guy? Something along those lines I'm sure.

Thank you so much for reccing this. I'm now a blubbering heap, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

(Deleted comment)

Re: you are my sunshine.

*slow grin*

I figured my flist would appreciate it.

okay, wow. that was so good, i was depressed reading it. and it contiunes to depress me a little, even after finishing it. but it was so very good. to the point where i'm not sure about re-reading it, cause it's just so... wrecking. it wrecked me, yes.

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