Seperis (seperis) wrote,

Okay, this is pretty much a self-pimp, which, well, okay. There. That is what it is.

If you haven't seen it, there's a really nice Voyager Reference thingie building here. If you wrote, read, lurked, archived, danced, *whatever* in Trek, esp Voyager, but hey, any of the Treks, wander over and check in? Especially the VOY slash fen--they were kind of insular when I was in Trek, by which I mean, I am continually surprised when I run across them. Also, if you want to find someone you haven't seen in awhile from Trek, feel free to comment. And hey, some already have! You could find a former friend, favorite writer, old beta, that person you flamed to death back on ASCEML! It'll be fun!

Basically, think of this as a meet and greet for the Trek fen. If you know a former writer/reader/lurker, pass it on? I'd like to see how complete a directory I can get here.

Also importantly--I'm compiling a list. If you dont' want to be on there, are disassociating from fandom, Trek, whatever, I really need to know so I can remove your name/link or never put it up at all.

So right. Come and play! I'm finding people I never knew were in Trek there!
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