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Where Are They Now?

MORE: I'll be continuously updating as I remember stuff or other people add information

AND MORE: Am adding stuff still, will answer comments and oh man, you all seriously *rock*. I'd forgotten so much!

YES MORE: Requested to put behind cut due to length, which I should have thought of myself, but dear God, I had no idea it had gotten that long. Wow.

Okay, so--I have no idea how to even go about this, but let's try it this way.

I am finally looking blankly at my Voyager rec page, since dear God, it has to be fleshed out a a little and actual decent links put in. Also--okay, stupid moment--I am totally getting nostalgic for my first fandom here. I mean, like re-reading sad fic remembering my first pilot love (before John Sheppard), and his genius, sarcastic, engineer girlfriend (you see why SGA was practically destiny, right?). And so.

If you were a Voyager (or any Star Trek pre-Enterprise) writer, reader, archivist, poster, lurker, feedbacker, if you were active on any of the Trek mailing lists, PT Collective, usenet, BLTS, the locked C/P and P/K archives and lists, the Janeway/Seven lists, ASCA, ASCEM, ASCEM(L), PTFever, J/CVille (contributed by trobadora), any of the hundred million J/Cs, JuPiter Station, messageboards, check in here? I'm also building my wish list of authors to track down below--if you have someone you want added, leave a comment.

ETA: This is not a complete list.

Let's begin with:


Melanie, PTFever, ASC ALSO X-Files
Story: To Tell the Truth (Paris, Paris/Torres, crew)

Jamelia AKA J. A. Toner, PTFever, ASC, possibly ASCEM, ASCEM(L), ASC VOY SOS Maintainer, PTCollective
Stories: Log Entries (Paris, Paris/Torres), Warmth (Paris, Paris/Torres), Quid Pro Quo (Paris/Torres, Tuvok/Paris, Tuvok/Paris/Torres) (contributed by trobadora)
Webpage last updated 1999

D'Alaire, PTFever, ASC, PTCollective
Stories: Irremission (Paris/Torres, AU), Avalar (Paris/Torres, AU), The Word Painter (Paris/Torres, AU)
(contributed by cetpar - FOUND by sstar_luna

Dangermom, PTFever, ASC, PTcollective
Story: Daybreak series (Paris/Torres)
(contribued by sstar_luna) FOUND by primiad and taraljc

Dave Rogers, ASC
Stories: Takeover Bid (Paris/Torres), Mirror Images (Torres, Paris/Torres)

Kat AKA Bishclone, PTF, ASC, ASCEM(L), ALSO X-Men, X-Men Movieverse Archive ALSO Alias season one (contributed by celli)
Stories: Ame (Kim, Janeway/Kim), Letting Go (Paris/Torres), Waiting for Dawn (Paris, Paris/Seven)
Stories: The Box Room (X-Men, Jean Grey), Seventeen (X-Men, Jean Grey)
Also owned a deadjournal around 2001-2002; diary-x (contributed by celli)

Parisienne, AKA Annette Welsh-Shinya, PTF, ASC
Stories: Come of Age
Okay, I had contact with her about two years ago? But she made noises about finishing this story. Oh MY GOD SHE FINISHED IT! (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Katie Redshoes, PTF, ASC, Trekivers archive maintainer, ASC-VSO ALSO X-Files, DDEB, DDEB(2)
Stories: Torrid (Paris/Torres)

Diane Bellomo, private email fic, last posted 2/2006 (contributed by hibernate)

Mary AKA monkee, ASC, J/C lists, Voyager Virtual Season 7.5 (contributed by suzvoy)
Webpage last updated 2004

Stories: Inner Landscape (Paris/Torres), What's In My Head (Paris/Torres), Balance (Paris/Torres) (contributed by hawkmoth)

Paris/Torres (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Cheile, PTF, ASC
- FOUND by seemag

The Emu, ASC
Story: Absumption
- FOUND by flambeau

Amirin, ASC?, CP_Eternal mailing list (contributed by kat_fanfic)
Stories: Falling, Prey (contributed by verabell)
assumed to have left fandom around 2000 (contributed by mommybird)

Helmboy, ASCEM(L)
Chakotay/Paris (contributed by cempakasari)

Boadicea, ASC, ASCEM(L)
Chakotay/Paris?, Janeway/Seven (contributed by seemag)

Kelley, ASC, ASCEM(L)
- FOUND by seemag

Britta, ASC
(contributed by tboy) FOUND by treewishes

Michael Hollihan, VOY, ASC
Story: When the Sun Rises, I Will Not See
Paris/Torres, gen

Margaret Berger AKA Maisie Rita, VOY, PTF, ASC (pseud contributed by daneffew)
Paris/Torres, Chakotay/Paris
(contributed by daneffew) FOUND by sapphiresmuse

Brenda Antrim, VOY, ASC ALSO SV
(contributed by resonant8) FOUND by cetpar

Siobhan, VOY ALSO TPM ALSO X-Men Movie
Story: The Left Hand of Madness (many, many parts) (contributed by flambeau)

Emma Woodhouse, VOY ALSO TPM
Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Kim
Presumed left fandom, stories can be found at PKSA archive (contributed by copracat)

Amiroq AKA Gypsy, VOY, ASC

August, VOY, ASC
(contributed by primiad)

Ronda Sexton, VOY, PTF, ASC (contributed by partly_bouncy)

Veronica Jane Williams AKA Vanhunks, VOY, PTF, ASC (contributed by partly_bouncy)
current at ASC
FOUND by seemag

Laura Bowen, DS9, VOY (contributed by trobadora and killabeez)

Emgee, VOY, ASC (contributed by littledrop)

Moondancer, VOY
Story: What Price, Freedom?
reported to have left fandomn (contributed by mandragora1)

Althea Katz, TNG, ASC, Fuh-Q (contributed by vassilissa)
possibly in Israel

Agincourt, VOY, ASC, ASCEM, Fuh-Q (contributed by vassilissa)
last seen September 2001

Peg Robinson, VOY, ASC (contributed by vassilissa)
Story: Talking Stick/Circle
writing partner of Macedon

Macedon/Little Otter, VOY, DS9, ASC (contributed by vassilissa)
Story: Talking Stick/Circle
writing partner of Peggy

Greywolf the Wanderer, TOS, ASC, ASCEM(L) (contributed by vassilissa)
Kirk/Spock (requires password)
Jenn's Note: Agreed. One of the kindest people I have ever met, one of the few on ASCEML that didn't intimidate me. And yes, even for my then non-slash self, a really good writer
Last posted on ASCEM(L) June 2004
presumed to have left fandom (contributed by vanasati)

Pamela Estrada, ASC, Fuh-Q, ASC, ASCEM(L) (contributed by vassilissa)
prolific feedbacker

Moriva, ASC, ASCEM(L), Fuh-Q (contributed by vassilissa)
good sense of humor

Niamh, VOY, PT Teens list Mod (contributed by partly_bouncy)
assumed left fandom

Janis, VOY, PT Teens List (contributed by partly_bouncy)

Mariah Osmunson, PT Teens List (contributed by partly_bouncy)

Sam, VOY (contributed by trabadora)
Story: Second Chances

Jen Chapman, ASCEM(L), Fuh-Q Maintainer

Jungle Kitty, TOS ASCEM(L)

Karmen Ghia, TOS, ASCEML(L)
Kirk/Spock (contributed by self)

The Stylus, VOY, ASC (contributed by alex_voy) (contributed by babylil)

Adrian Hilton, VOY, ASC (contributed by alex_voy)

Kim Gasper, VOY, ASC
- Found by ladyvyola

Penny Proctor, VOY, ASC
Story: Revisionist History

Atara, VOY, other, ASCEM(L)
Paris/Torres, other
Story: Be Careful What You Wish For

Julil, VOY, PTF, ASC, PTCollective

Aeronn Lanart, VOY/HL (contributed by adannu)
Story: O'Niall Chronicles

Kellie Matthews-Simmons, TNG, dS
- FOUND by z_rayne

Mona, VOY
Chakotay/Paris, BDSM series

Story: Prelude in C # Minor, Spock/McCoy

Escher Sisters, TNG

Emgee, TOS

And now.


rocky_t, ASC, Voyager, All Treks

seemag, ASC, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise?
Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay

suzvoy, ASC, J/C lists ALSO X-Men Movieverse ALSO Queer as Folk
Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Paris/Seven

trobadora, J/C lists ALSO SGA

taraljc, VOY ASC, PTCollective Maintainer, PTF ALSO Robin of Sherwood, Galaxy Rangers, Quantum Leap, DC Comics, Forever Knight, Highlander, Earth 2, Gargoyles, vr5, Due SOuth, Lois & Clark, Nikita, EZ Streets, Angel, Buffy, The Iron Giant, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, Smallville, Firefly, Jake 2.0, Odyssey 5, DOctor Who, Jem

Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Torres, Paris/Janeway, Seven (contributed by catheights)

cruisedirector AKA Your Cruise Director, ASC ALSO HP

annerose, Mod J/C Fic Haven (contributed by trobadora)

seperis AKA Jenn, Jennifer, Jenn the Merry, Jennifer Lynn, ASC, ASCEM(L), PTF, ALSO X-Men, ALSO SV ALSO QaF, ALSO SGA
Paris/Torres, Paris/Seven, Paris/Chakotay, Janeway/Seven WAS AND

3jane AKA Jane St. Clair, TOS, VOY, ASC, ASCEM(L), All Trek ALSO X-Men ALSO HP ALSO SV, ALSO Well, name a fandom, really.
Paris/Janeway, Paris/Picard, Paris/Torres, Paris/Seven, Janeway/Seven, Kirk/Spock, others

maquisleader (contributed by trobadora)

ralkana (contributed by trobadora)

lauralaitaine AKA Peacerose ALSO SGA (contributed by trobadora)

beckyo (contributed by trobadora)

in_the_bottle Admin of Tom Paris Dorm (contributed by catheights)

elli Paris Nights Maintainer, ALSO SGA

flambeau VOY ALSO SGA ALSO - hey, what else?

yavannauk AKA Karen C, DS9, ASC, ASCEM, ASCEM(L), BLTS (contributed by yavannauk)

kellychambliss VOY, ASC, ASCEM(L)? (contributed by seemag)

lizbee VOY, ASC, Zendom (contributed by seemag)

mandysbitch, VOY (contributed by seemag)

jemimap AKA Jemima, VOY, ASC, Zendom (contributed by seemag)

alex_voy VOY, ASC

cjmarlowe AKA R'Rainn (contributed by cjmarlowe)

the_emu ASC ALSO TPM
Absumption (contributed by flambeau)

drlense, PTF (contributed by drlense)

tboy (contributed by tboy)

ewonder (contributed by tboy)

ayesakara AKA Layla, VOY ALSO QaF(contributed by tboy)
Chakotay/Paris, Chakotay/Seven
Brian/Justin (contributed by hibernate)

ellen_fremedon, VOY

dalaire, VOY, PTF, ASC

verabell, ASCEM

mecurtin, TOS, ASCEM(L),Foresmutters Project?

cio AKA Cheile VOY, PTF, ASC, PTCollective (contributed by seemag)

miriam_heddy VOY (contributed by flambeau)

primad PTF (contributed by primad)

resonant9 VOY (contributed by resonant8)

julad VOY (contribued by resonant8)

ukcalico VOY (contributed by resonant8)

daneffew VOY (contributed by daneffew)
Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Torres

hawkmoth AKA Dangermom, PTFever, ASC, PTcollective ALSO Gargoyles ALSO Firefly
Story: Daybreak series (Paris/Torres) (contribued by sstar_luna)

amireal ASCEM(L)

nostalgia_lj VOY (contributed by apotropaism)
Story: Stockholm Syndrome

mommybird VOY ALSO Sentinel
Stories: Epiphany, Conversion

killabee VOY, TOS, Other
Story: Ghost in the Machine

sihayab AKA CKC, VOY
Paris/Kim, Paris/Kim/Torres, Chakotay/Paris

akite VOY, ASC, doctor_tailor ALSO Due South
Paris/Kim, Garak/Bashir

eldritchhobbit AKA Morgan Stuart, VOY, ASC, Orion Press, Best of Trek ALSO The Professionals ALSO X-Files ALSO The Lone Gunmen

catmoran VOY
Paris/Kim, Chakotay/Paris, Chakotay/Paris/Kim

mamadeb VOY
Chakotay/Paris, others

taffimai, VOY, ALL Trek, BLTS Maintainer

littledrop AKA Azpou, VOY, TNG ASCEM ALSO SG1
Janeway/Chakotay, Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Kim

supacat AKA !Supa Cat, VOY

mandragora1 VOY (contributed by mandragora1)

stealingpennies AKA Arachne AKA Alsoa, VOY (contributed by madragora1)

titc TOS

britta54 AKA Britta, ASC
Chakotay/Paris (contributed by tboy and treewishes)

lorredufae AKA Lorre Dufae, VOY, ASC, ASCEM, Fuh-Q (contributed by vassilissa)
assumed left fandom

grey_evil_twin AKA Robin Lawrie, VOY, ASC, ASCEM, Fuh-Q (contributed by vassilissa)

AJ Nordall - Removed by Request of Author.

gabolange AKA Harley, VOY
Also archived at Paris Nights

sarken AKA SaRa, VOY, ASC, JC lists, Virtual Season Exec Prod ALSO Third Watch

vassilissa AKA Katisha, TOS, VOY, ASC, ASCEM(L), Fuh-Q (1996-1999)
Kirk/Spock, Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Tuvok

quecojones VOY, DS9, ASC, Fuh-Q ALSO HP


alara_r AKA Alara Rogers, TOS, Q, ASC, ASCEM(L), Trekiverse Archive, Former Maintainer, ALSO X-Men Comics

sapphiresmuse AKA Fever, VOY, PTF Mod, PT Collective ALSO HL ALSO SG1 ALSO SGA
Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Torres

maisierita AKA Maisie Rita, VOY, PTF, ASC ALSO HL ALSO SGA (pseud contributed by daneffew)
Paris/Torres, Chakotay/Paris (contributed by sapphiresmuse)

sorcha47, VOY, ASC, PTF

hibernate, VOY

starmei AKA Monica, VOY, PTF, ASC

adannu, VOY, ASC, others
Paris/Kim, Chakotay/Paris

Veronica Jane Williams AKA Vanhunks, VOY, PTF, ASC (contributed by partly_bouncy)
current at ASC (contributed by seemag)

mercutio, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY ASCEM(L) ALSO BtVS ALSO TPM, ALSO NSYNC ALSO Red Dwarf ALSO SV ALSO X-Files ALSO X-Men (contributed by adannu
Many, many pairings

lianneb, VOY (contributed by taverymate) (contributed by taverymate)

babylil, VOY, JetC

fyrdrakken, DS9, ASC, ASCEM

goddes, VOY, ASC, ASCEM

ladyvyola VOY, ASCE, ASCEM, CPSG

mickeym AKA Kim Gasper, VOY, ASC (contributed by ladyvyola0

mauvemaz AKA MazzySue AKA MauveMaz, VOY, ASCEM, BLTS, CPSG

filenotch VOY, AKA John Blonde, ASCE, Slash and Burn

kelliem AKA Kellie Matthews-Simmons, TNG, dS, SGA (contributed by z_rayne)

z_rayne, VOV, unknown list

brenantrim AKA Brenda Antrim, VOY, ASC ALSO SV

voycaptive AKA VoyCaPtive, VOY, voyager_week

vanasati, TOS, ASCEM(L)
homepage pending

polly_b AKA Polly Bywater, VOY, ASCEM(L), Cha_Club, CPSG, voyager_week Mod


Tommyhawke, VOY
Chakotay/Paris (unknown location of fic) (pro site) (contributed by z_rayne)

dodger_winslow AKA BEKi, TNG, VOY, Orion Press ALSO HL ALSO SPN
Chakotay, Riker

unwinding AKA August, VOY, ASC
Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Seven, Janeway/Neelix

lucyloo AKA Mona Ramsey, VOY, DS9, CPSG
Chakotay/Paris, Garak/Bashir

ancarett VOY ALSO BSG ALSO Firefly
Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres

brancher ASCEML

thestylus AKA The Stylus, VOY, ASC (contributed by alex_voy)

ariestess TNG, VOY, ASCEM, BONC, JETC, Fuh-Q
Secret Diaries of Katheryne Janeway

rohandupre AKA lorredufae VOY

hafital TOS, Highlander

partly_bouncy AKA Laura Hale

telesilla AKA Ruth
ASCEML, Treksmut University




astarte59 AKA Atara


Okay, that is not close to all. When I remember more, I'll add to the list. If anyone else wants to add someone they remembered and loved from Voyager? Feel free to comment.

ETA: If you participated at all, just comment with, if you don't mind, your pseud and where you hung out. This is a meet and greet! Not just a search for authors, but a search for Trek fen.

You know, I can be a serious dork sometimes. If you are not claiming your Trek work anymore--and I remember Trek had some people with very deep real life/online life separation issues--I am not trying to out anyone as a Trek smutwriter here. Just, you know, followup.

ETA: Added PTCollective to list of messageboards. Also, link me to active archives or listings?

Trekiverse: ASC/ASCEML archive

JCVille Library (contributed by trobadora)

Paris/Torres archive, Maintainer Tara LJC

Tom Paris Dorm (contributed by bookwyrm95)

JuPiter Station (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Paris/Kim Slash Party (contributed by temaris)

Khan's Place in the Universe (contributed by bookwyrm95)
Chief Helmsman's Quarters (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Sue Castle Fic (contributed by verabell)

Synbou's Fanfic (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Zappy Zap's Fanfic (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Lenore's Fanfiction (C/P) (contributed by bookwyrm95)

!Supercat's Fanfiction (C/P) (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Jan Monroe's Fanfiction (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Barbara Watson (contributed by seemag)

Michelle Masterson (contributed by seemag)

Penny Proctor's Fic (contributed by seemag)
Story: Revisionist History

Tracey Sobes Fanfiction (contributed by sstar_luna)
Klingon Hearts series, Paris/Torres, Kim/Seven

Mac's Fanfiction (contributed by sstar_luna)

Paris Nights (contributed by sstar_luna)

Alys Lyndale (conntributed by sstar_luna)
Paris/Torres, Fate series

Terabithia's Fanfic (contributed by sstar_luna)

Mort's Fic (and others) contributed by tboy)
Chakotay/Paris, includes Mort, ewonder, ayesakara, Cheryl Forbes, JJ, and Vicki

Cha Club (contribued by tboy)

CP_Eternal (contribued by tboy)
Mailing List:

CPSG (contribued by tboy)

BJ Cochrane Fic (contribued by tboy)

Lower Decks - *contributed by taraljc)
Lower decks non-main character Voyager fic, Maintainer Tara LJC

List of Voyager Authors (contributed by seemag)
Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay, Chakotay/Torres, mostly het

Archipelago of Angst
kellychambliss, Boadicea, August, Nanda, Michelle, Sam, Christine, and Jen

Talking Stick/Circle
Macedon's fic, Macedon and Peggy's Talking Stick/Circle series

Pandemonium (contributed by supacat)
Chakotay/Paris, Arachne, John Blonde, whitecrow and Mandragora fic

Maz's fic

T'lyr's fic

Brenda Shaffer-Shiring's Fic (contributed by hibernate)

C/T List (contributed by hibernate)

C/7 List (contributed by hibernate)

Best of Trek (contributed by bookwyrm95)

Amphioxous Obnoxious

Paris/Torres, Listmod sapphiresmuse

Trek Fanfic (contriuted by adannu)

Compendium of Tuvok Slash (contributed by qzee

Chakotay/Paris Support Page (contributed by hafital

C/P Essential Bible (contributed by hafital

CP Link Page (contributed by hafital

LJ Communities (new!)

tpdorm (contributed by in_the_bottle)

voyager_week (contributed by in_the_bottle)

doctor_tailor (contributed by akite)

Adding a new section--missing fic! You know the author, the title, but goshdarnit, where'd the fic go?

Asked by z_rayne Voyager Chakotay/Paris genderfuck round robin, late nineties. Unknown list.

Asked by z_rayne Fic by Tommyhawke, Chakotay/Paris

My first recommendation is Trekiverse--I spent time in that archive when I was helping out, and dear God.

Because like, four people have so far mentioned it.

The Left Hand of Madness by Siobhan

The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway (ccntributed by trobadora)

Okay, even as a wee newbie het fangirl, and an extremely vanilla, no one wearing leather, all my people had slow sex on clean sheets fangirl, I knew of and read these, though let me tell you, at the time, not so much with the easy to find. Highly, highly recommended. Not for those with strong anti-bdsm, cause seriously. Just look at the title.

The Shattering of the Mask by Mort (contributed by in_the_bottle)
Chakotay/Paris, VOY

This Instant Made Eternity by Michelle Masterson (contributed by mandysbitch)

The Cardassian Mask by L.R. Bowen (contributed by trobadora)
The Snow Queen by L.R. Bowen

The Talking Stick/Circle Series by Macedon and Peggy
VOY (contributed by vassilissa)

Classic, classic, *classic* Voyager. And I completely forgot about it.

I'll add a cut when there are enough fic to warrant it. These are just ones I remember people mentioning wanting to read again.

...I'm probably going to have to organize these links. *faintly* Wow.

Also, if you see links suddenly change? That's me changing them when tboy finds an error. *g* Yeah, I--was doign this too fast, apparently.

And third: Will continue adding to the list as long as people add links, names, etc. Feel free to comment and add yours. Say hi to fellow Trekkers!

Updated 3/14/2008: Current up to karmenghia.
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  • qafreview: s5e6

    I missed an ep, didn't I? Cause. Wow. That totally hit from a right field on the far side of Jupiter. This is not for the ones who liked it. I have…

  • qafreview - s5e5

    I love my gay soap opera. I mean, QaF, not the one where the Virgin Clark is bearing the next messiah. Which is so going to happen. I mean, I love…

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    Well. If I didn't know better, I'd think everyone, and by everyone, I mean Michael, Mel, Lindz, and Ben, decided to take a really, really *long* hit…