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Question for Voyager fans
Okay, to Star Trek Voyager fans, former ST: Voyager fans, readers at ASC, PTF, ASCEML, or anyone on the Trekiverse archive staff, current or former:

I'm trying to get in touch with Katie Redshoes so I can get clearance on reccing some of hers and Captain Jinx's fic. I have been gone *way* too long and can't remember if that was allowed. Anyone know where she is or remember what her rec policy was? It was archived in Trekiverse, right, so it should be free game? I only have her old site bookmarked.

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Her netcom address isn't working? She's still listed on the archive (as of April of 2006) as an admin.

I'm--not sure. I sent off an email this last weekend, and it didn't bounce, so I think it went through, but I hae no idea how much she uses that email. And at this late point, I can't remember anyone both active AND in the fandom that knows her.

Though it does make me want to suddenly post a Where Are They Now with all my favorite authors and see how many bounce up and raise their hands. Hmm.

Gotcha. Uh, I could point out that Stephen Ratliff might be the person to contact. But I tend to feel that publicly archived = fine to rec.

Where Are They Now

Do it! Although I have this feeling that mine from that era are all either out of fandom or in SGA.

*grins* I really am curious. I mean, I know Tara LJC and I have in the last three years heard rumors of Dangermom, and Seema's still on my flist, but *man* there were *many* and I *want* to know where they are. Though granted, for all I know they could be wandering around lj under new names or somethingn and I'd never know.

Anyone specific you remember?

I wonder where Ny Martin is, although I'm scared to go back read her stories for all they affected my *cough*-year-old self.

There were some ladies on the PT Collective board (oh, the MADNESS) who were very kind to me, although I would not necessarily want to revisit my fanbrat days.

Then there was our token guy, who was kind of a pervert. And I've seen him around, of course.

*smirk* I am going thorugh Trekiverse going OMG I REMEMBER THIS! I REMEMBER READING THIS WHEN POSTED!

God I am pathetic. Seriously. But I was a babyfangirl! Formative years!

Do you want me to add them to the list in my next entry of Where Are They Now?

I think there should be a blanket "Were you on/did you lurk on the Collective during its glory days?" Because I found out a couple of years ago that someone on my flist was a lurker, and it made my heart glad. And a number of people there didn't write fic, or only wrote in the round robins.

Added PTCollective and Lurker designation to my post.

*crossee fingers* I hope people answer.

I've no idea how to get in touch with them, but I think if something's posted in a public archive it's definitely free to link to or rec as you like. You don't put it there if you don't want people to see it after all.

I remmeber people being *really* sensitive about some things. Archiving was kind of a given, if I remember correctly--it was in the disclaimer--but some people were very private, esp messagelist persons.

Though yeah, if it's on Trekiverse, it should be considered free.

If you'd like, I'll ask the VSO what the policy is. Katie's still on the group so that should be easy enough.

Katie's extremely busy in RL just at the moment. If you don't hear from her soon, try again.

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