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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and it is freaking three in the *morning*....
children of dune - leto 1
So 'fess up...

Who else is reading, and by reading, I mean, glued to your sitting and/or lounging object of choice, this - I have no idea how to summarize this?


*raises hand to be counted all properly and whatnot*

I don't think it counts when you're my *dealer*.

God. I hurt and have not slept and i hate you so much.

Hey, is more posted yet? *goes to look*

*raises hand* isn't it amazing to see the reactions sweeping all over LJ-land? And isn't the story horrifying beyond belief? Just imagine what humanity could DO with that kind of determination in regards to science and stuff. Huh, or maybe we'd all still believe earth was the center of the universe.

I felt a pang when the story cut off. This is like following a very convoluted PWP. I kept wanting to take *notes* or something.

My God.

Heh. I'm on part 4 at the moment. It's just a whole world of crazy.

Get out while you still can...

Yeah, I'm kinda way too much a junkie for this already.

Count me too, I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next chapter.

OMG, me! I'm so freaked out by it! *clings to Due South fandom*

God, yeah. Just--yeah.

It's like a revelation - I was a member of HPfGU (In fact I still am, although I'm no-e-mail & haven't checked it since 2003. I was in fact put-off by the shipper wars, although I never knew what started the whole thing). I skimmed the archives all mentioned & remember wondering why it was so hard to access some. I followed many of the BNF's journals, etc, when they were started. I have vague memories of Nimbus & the stolen laptop & Christina-gate & the Aja-Cassie rift all from random posts over the years (and saw the cockroach/big name sinners icons, etc.). I remember being suspicious of the Big Name Sinners thing - rarely do people who are targetting a group of people inform that group of people - it only rallies them & encourages the opposite behavior of what they're seeking to accomplish. It's such a backwards ego-boost. But I never suspected anyone of deliberately organizing hate wars. Wow.

And yet being a disinterested cynic I: 1. Never believe anything anyone says about themselves online when they're merely offering how wonderful and/or persecuted they are (particularly if they feel compelled to write self-righteous/emo poetry about it - also particularly if it's about how "The Enemy", i.e. their parents, the government, organized religion, etc. is all out to get them, specifically, and strangely enough, not the general public) and 2. Didn't care enough to actually investigate what was going on. So my obsessive reading of this post and following all the discussion is mind-boggling for me. It's all so very....wow. I need to go refresh that page again....(Sorry for the really long post about this...I just felt a sudden need to vent a little :)

Np. It's intersting to get your perspective on it. Huh. Intersting.

For the past two days, I have been refreshing that community every ten minutes to see if she's posted a new part. It's very gripping, in a horrifying way.

It's like a really bizarre thriller.

*raises hand* When I stopped reading, they were on Chapter 8. It's pretty crazy. In a way, I'm kind of glad that the fandoms I touch on are a bit more spread out than HP fandom used to be. Dude, the wank I missed out on by being a lurker. *g*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
It's seriously completley addictive. I was falling unconscious and had to *tear myself* from my laptop.

(Deleted comment)
HP fandom never fails to deliver, does it.

but that? was totally above and beyond.

It's a freaking horror show. I can't make myself close the window.

*hand raises*

I hate f_w so much for the "point & mock" aspect. If only there was anything else that could serve as a news and archiving place for fandom "history" - such as this insane saga. Insane but very believable.

The only thing I've encountered that tops it is the infamous Victoria Bitter story. I'm hoping that somebody records that one this thoroughly, too.

My God yes. It's mindblowing.

I had actually not read this before, but now I'm skimming the third post of the saga, and wow. Some people have far too much energy. I mean, how could anyone coordinate that many sockpuppets and such just to enact a more eventful internet life?

I can barely keep up with *me*--I can't imagine keeping track of *many*.

*shakes head* That is serious energy.