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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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happy snail
Ask me what I'm doing on my day off. Go ahead. Ask.

I am listening to Cry Little Sister (thank you ladycat777, whoot!) and wandering through www.youtube.com to see if I can watch *every single Brokeback parody vid* there is. Yes. This is my day. I am drinking mock-mocha, laying in my pajamas, *watching parodies* and also, this one Brokeback vid set to Iris that made me cry.

Oh yeah. I am a *ball* of usefulness. Next on my agenda is shifting my pillow slightly to the left. Maybe. If I feel that energetic.

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I am dressed!

I should buy food. So I can laze about and organize and not leave my apartment ever. And possibly pay bills.


also, did you get my email?

Why do I feel the sudden need to say "we few, we happy few; we band of lazy-asses all"?

Because it is SO true.

I'd say solidarity, but that would probably require effort later on.

I've gotten one, but not the link. I NEED THE LINK DAMMIT.

It was totally sent! MINUTES AGO!


Today was sick day. Slept until 1:30, ate a piece of chicken, showered, and then decided to rewatch Dr. Who episodes again and again and again...
If it wasn't for the nausea and ickyness today would be a good day.

*hugs you* Relax into the commfy bed. Yes. Feels *good*.


Oh, trust me, new levels of laziness were achieved. I read the latest X-Men comic books, but only those within reach of my bed (read: on my nightstand). At one point I actually got too lazy to hold the comic book up and so I took a nap with it on my head.

God, sick days rule.

Haha, total BBM mania. :D Seen these?

BBM parodies are the Best!

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