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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - predatory by frostfire_17
children of dune - leto 1
Predatory by frostfire_17 - whoa boy. If there was ever a time for Sheppard to turn flirtation into a mechanism of war, this is the time, and if ever anyone was ever qualified to make it an art form, that would be Sheppard. That was weirdly and so inappropriately hot.

You've never--this is something that girls do, use this kind of thing against people. You're drooling at them as they drape themselves over your bed wearing nothing but one of your dress shirts, and before you know it, Pierre's? Uh, sure, we can go there on Friday, and you're shelling out a hundred and fifty bucks for your next dinner.

Wow. Seriously. *Wow*.

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Oooh, Predatory is one of my favorites! Have you read the vignette that preceded it? It's the same incident, only from Steve's POV. "My Soul From Out That Shadow. Love them both so much. Provocative, predatory Sheppard is one of my fiercest fanfic loves. : D

Whenever I get several comments on a story that I posted God knows how long ago, I go looking for the rec. Yay for it being easy because the person is on my flist! *warm happy rec-glow*

Anyway. Thank you! Thank you a lot! Predatory is one of the stories I'm proudest of, so I'm always thrilled when people appreciate it. And being recced is, I think, one of the greatest pleasures in fandom life. So, yes. Thank you again. *happy smile guaranteed for the rest of the night*

*grins* I like seeing John use his--talents for the greater good.

Seriously. Steve is like a fangirl. I mean, slightly more literal in wanting ot eat him alive, but still. That was seriously hot. And John *totally* played with him like that. Fabulous.

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