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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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covers! for me! yay!
better than cookies
So in more fascinating and very squee worthy news, I got two absolutely *stunning* covers for A Touch of Your Hand, or, The Porny One, in the Desert. I think I should just go with a theme here--one for every major weather occurance. We have rain, we have desert. I suppose subarctic and tropical rainforest should be next.


dacey sent me this last week, and ohmygodsocool. Also? Guh. Dear God, John.

And hermine posted this in my lj today!

My reaction to both has been pretty much guh. Oh God, guh. Dear God, guh. *hugs to both* Thank you so much. They're absolutely stunning, and totally making my week so much better. *hugs hugs hugs* Better than cookies icon, because you are both freaking *fantastic*. Thank you so much.

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John. In kohl.

Oh, man. *purrs*

Life has been so good to me today.

Oh the sand and tents. Makes me think of the movie The Weeping Camel which I know is set in Mongolia and has nothing to do with SGA, but bah. Logic is not my middle name.

Oh, kohl eyes. *dies blissfully*

Oh wow - just yesterday night I was pondering who I could coerce int making me a manip of John in pharaoh make-up ... wow ...

I'm glad you like it - it took longer to make than it should have, because I kept getting distracted and finding myself sitting there, just staring at him. : )

If you have a picture in mind, I'd be happy to take a look at it, if you want.

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