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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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realistically speaking
children of dune - leto 1
For those waiting with bated breath--the nailpolish is gone, no stains, breathing again.

Yes, I'm sure that this was a worry to everyone.

The Warren

Sloppy and Bryante had a tragic break-up at around six this morning, in various stages of loud and louder, in which Bryante, finally fed up with Sloppy's constant attentions, somehow--don't ask me how, according to what I understand of physics, this is *not possible*--leaped *over* the halfwall between his portion of the fortress and the atrium, down to Reggie. This is a good three Bryante-lengths distance. I'd be impressed if it hadn't scared me to death.

You know that the break-up was bad when anyone goes to Reggie for comfort. Reggie has all the tact, subtlety, and well, empathy as toilet paper. This is so sad.

But there have been signs. The arguing, the refusing to cuddle, the desire to chew paper instead of pile together, constant spraying of all available surfaces (and I mean, all. Available. Surfaces. And guess what? I'm a surface! God.), an unwillingness to share carrots--I mean, this tragedy is really only a surprise to Sloppy. I think all of us watching pretty much saw this coming a mile away.

Mr. Waffles, AKA The Rabbit That Bit Me, is still zenning out in the penthouse and is above all pettiness. When I woke up this morning, however, the mess of their cage was--I mean, I have no words. You'd think I keep those rabbits in squalor. Oh God, I sound like my mother talking about me and my sisters. But seriously! Newspaper--not just shredded, but *destroyed* and wrapped around objects in ways eerily reminiscent of toilet-papering a house. All of them are *fingerquote* marking territory */fingerquote* like it is going out of style. Pretty much the only thing I can say to this is thank God for vinyl tile. Thank God, thank God, thank God.

In other news--wait. Did I ever say I had a life? Right. Never mind.


On Friday, Best Friend kidnapped me for coffee and food at Austin Jaffa--no, that's SG1--Java, right. I think. It's generally downtown past sixth and in a fairly older neighborhood. The coffee was excellent, the queso was worth its weight in cheese, but I can say now that never will I ever eat turkey sausage again. I--it's this weird consistency thing. It's like a hotdogish type mushy thing going on. Not something I was really ready for.

Right. Coffee. Saturday I took my mother to Central Market. She is not a huge fan, since it's a.) kind of large and twisty and b.) the salespeople need to seriously remove yuppie stick from too-tight ass. But they always have cool bread and cheese samples, and I usually try to get something that won't give me nightmares in the strange food family (see, blue cheese, *twitch*). Also, I was looking for new lettuce for my rabbits.

Okay, I was pricing *butter lettuce* and Boston head red lettuce for my rabbits. Okay? Fine.

Yes, it all comes back to the rabbits.

Okay, serious good times in the coffee section. God, the *smell*. I picked two I've already mentioned here, and the employee choice one, which smells like a lot of different coffees and kind of scares me. The cherry chocolate cordial is kind of like a chocolate covered cherry, and the vida dolce thing is--well. You know, it reminds me fainty of really really good dessert, but like, hard vanilla cookies covered in chocolate or something. Yeah, something. This one smells like *coffee*--strong, don't sleep, live-and-die-wired coffee. So I keep wanting to save it for a day I really need to be awake, since I only got enough for one pot.

I think my next adventure in coffee might be the Ethopian triple roast dark (insert more words here meaning Freakishly Strong Coffee). I mean, at this point, just to prove I can. Looking at it was a lot like looking into a black hole--no light escaped. I just don't see this being *tasty*. I see it being so close to a controlled substance that they might ID me leaving the store, but tasty? Not so much. I tend toward the light or medium roasts for home; espressos and things that can double as cleaning fluids are for coffee shops, where I can pay to twitch and pour in inordinate amounts of sugar, the better to get the double shot of sugar rush and caffeine rush.

For those of you who have seen me and the sugar container bond--yeah. Pretty much like that.

And that covers my report on current happenings. Sent a story to beta, sent Child to my sister's for swimming, and have three days until The Great Seaworld Adventure, and two days until I get to spend an entire day in my jammies in bed, drinking coffee and watching SGA season two reruns to prep myself for the new season. Oh the hardship fo watching Trinity again.

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You know, one day you really must write a story where John and Rodney are turned into rabbits, and while everyone goes crazy trying to turn them back, Miko goes nuts building them a little rabbit paradise, and they out themselves by having wonderful rabbit love trysts.
Yeah, didn't think so, but I had to mention it.

*bites lip hard*

Emrinalexander is trying to get a rabbit AU too.

rabbit...love trysts.

*dies laughing*

They so would. God.

I'm still lobbying for that Watership Down/SGA fusion, you know? *g*

*squints at you*

I can't prove you are all trying to kill me?

...but seriously, imagine them in their tiny, tiny uniforms.

*eyes wide*

I'm not sure rabbits would go for uniforms. They'd probably not get further than colored ear ribbons for rank or something...

Oh god the cuteness.

*blank look of adoration for rabbits*

*is secretly desperate for this to be written*

Funny thing, but I used to work for A Major Coffee Chain that starts with the letter S and they informed us that actually, darker roasts of coffee actually have less caffeine, because the roasting process removes it. Expresso is extra strong because of the brewing process, not the beans. Of course, I like dark roasted coffee for the flavor. I recommend Arabian Mocha Sanani, should you be near a coffee chain that starts with the letter S. It is the yum.

Huh. I did not know that. Hmm.

The scary triple roast *smelled* very strong. And by strong, I mean, destruction of nasal passages.

*makes note* I rarely go to the S place, but I shall try that.

I've rewatched Trinity so many times that the quality of my VCD is so bad that it is no longer watchable. Conversion and Aurora are eps I rewatch over, and over again too:)
And I adore your rabbit stories, they always make my day:)

God yes. Conversion and Aurora rock. God, Aurora. *bounces*



*sniffs* It's very tragical and moving, I'll have you know. You'd *cry* for their rabbity pain. I mean, if you could stop giggling.

Jenn, I as a person with four rabbits, I'm sure you'll understand my pain when I tell you that my bf just got a boar. Yes. A pregnant boar.

Boar as in, large, hairy pig-like animal with tusks.

...knocked UP?

You are *sooo* kidding. Oh my GOD you are kidding. You are kidding, right?

Not really. I wish I were.
A very knocked up pig-like animal with tusks? It's name is Gretl.
It'll have a place outside the house.
They come in eights, I hear.

I--have no words. You have all my deepest, deepest, *deepest* sympathies.

...a boar. Where does one even go to acquire one of those?

*gaping in deep empathy*

It was a gift. *shakes head*
Honestly? It was either that or it would be killed and Mr.c588 just couldn't bare the idea and he offered a place for it. Her.
That would be a farm, Jenn, a farm under EU regs.

Huh. I mean--a nice gift? Unique gift. I can honestly stat that this is a gift few would anticipate recieving. Ever.

Mmmm freakishly strong coffee.
Mmm freakishly strong Arabic coffee.
Oh, I think I am going to have to go and make some just because my body says so. Weak, weak I tell you!

Uh, glad to hear that your nails are no longer startling satellites in outter space. Could be tricky explaining that to the various countries who them out there...

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