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nail polish woes
children of dune - leto 1
My morning was fantastic *right* up until a.) I realized I'd forgotten to pack a brownie for lunch and b.) I'm still wearing yellow nail polish.

It's a long, sad story, but the yellow is very yellow, very flat, and very--I mean--*really* yellow. Seen-from-satellite yellow. I put it on last night in this weird cross between curiosity and morbid fascination--I mean, seriously. Very yellow here. Banana yellow. I forgot I don't have fingernail polish remover. This usually isn't a problem--no matter the brand, my paint always, always peels.

Except here it is, lunch, and I'm getting a reaction headache to looking at my own nails. There are *burning cones and rods* here, people.

Though really, I have only myself to blame. HEB had this bizarre nailpolish sale and I ended up buying every color that wasn't in the red family.

...I think I look jaundiced. Huh.

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I also have yellow nail polish. I think just to let it sit on the shelf where I can admire it's bright color from a safe distance...

In one of my favorite animes, Scrapped Princess, the animators apparently decided to signal that the main fighter guy was using his superpower by tinting his eyes a color other than white. In a rather unfortunate lapse of good judgement, they chose yellow. So all the bad guys get their asses kicked by a hero with jaundice. *wince*

That safe distance is *important*. *nods* Seriously, I feel like I need sunglasses.

*blinks at anime characters*

Oh you are *so kidding* me.

Scrapped Princess is... a fantasy story about a girl and her older siblings on the run from, well, everyone because some pesky prophecy suggested she'd destroy the world on her 16th birthday. Or something. It's also the kind of character-driven action-adventure, hurt/comfort, at times laugh out loud adorable, at other times so dark you want to cry story that is my happy place.

Oh, and jaundice. But, I mean. He's not supposed to really have jaundice, and. Later, they sort of color everything around him yellow too? So it's not just 'wham! jaundice eyes!'? That's better, isn't it?

It's out on DVD! Everyone should watch it! Despite the jaundice! *defensive*

LOL. I have a gold one that looks very elegant in the bottle but always makes me look like my nails should be displayed on a cheap jewellery counter.

Yep, I totally sympathize. These look creepily like the off-brand of Lee Press on Nails now. I just kind of wince when I think about it too hard.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with nail polish. It's directly tied to how lazy I am and how I go thru these cycles of biting my nails down to the quick until they're bloody, oozing stumps. I thought that I'd start being all girly again now that I'm pregnant and my nails are so strong and pretty. But seeing as how I cut them on Thursday and they're hooker-length again by Saturday, there's no way I'm putting any polish on them. I'm ghetto, but the whole world doesn't need to see how ghetto I am.

I can send you my bottle of Electric Green polish if you'd like - you know, for a little change. ;-)

*giggles* Yeah, no. I have--God--yellow, black, electric blue, tangerine (not kidding), this weird lime green, and I think a glittery green as well. It's all very--bright. Yes. Very very bright.

Ooooh. You make me want to drag out the gunmetal nail polish and feel all cyberpunk and dystopian. *eyes drawer*

Shiiiny colors.

(Deleted comment)
oh God no.

*stares at nails in horror*

You could add glitter. Or just get nail polish remover.

I always felt silly putting on nail polish. My hands look too childlike for the stuff.

I have nail polish that glows in the dark, and the thing is, it's clear until you turn off the lights. So I ALWAYS forget that I'm wearing it until I go to bed, and then I freak out because I can see all these glowy things around me *g*

Yellow, eh?

Developer: "That's not how the flyer spells it."
Me: *thinking* Flyer? Technical term for something in the program UI? "Define flyer."
Me: *contemplates eyes bleeding from yellow* ...Ah. Flyer flyer. Carry on.

<-- Picked icon that shows off my fingernails

Back when I was still in the habit of polishing my nails occasionally, I started doing this thing where I'd layer three different colors atop each other to get a variegated effect as each semitranslucent layer peeked through the next. (My favorite was sparkly glacial blue atop peacock blue atop gunmetal to get something that looked like weathered blue jeans.) One thing I did a number of times was metallic gold atop sunshine yellow atop a bronze color -- though I've also been guilty of wearing the sunshine yellow on its own, especially when I'm in a spring or summer mood.

Dang. Now you're making me want to polish my nails -- I haven't done that in ages, and they've gotten so nice and long I'm on the verge of trimming them down a bit...

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