Seperis (seperis) wrote,

nail polish woes

My morning was fantastic *right* up until a.) I realized I'd forgotten to pack a brownie for lunch and b.) I'm still wearing yellow nail polish.

It's a long, sad story, but the yellow is very yellow, very flat, and very--I mean--*really* yellow. Seen-from-satellite yellow. I put it on last night in this weird cross between curiosity and morbid fascination--I mean, seriously. Very yellow here. Banana yellow. I forgot I don't have fingernail polish remover. This usually isn't a problem--no matter the brand, my paint always, always peels.

Except here it is, lunch, and I'm getting a reaction headache to looking at my own nails. There are *burning cones and rods* here, people.

Though really, I have only myself to blame. HEB had this bizarre nailpolish sale and I ended up buying every color that wasn't in the red family.

...I think I look jaundiced. Huh.
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