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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh *yeah*
children of dune - leto 1
Cherry Chocolate cordial coffee, Central Market:


Back to your regular scheduled programming while I quietly make contented noises at my coffemaker. Jenn/Coffee OTP.

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I've never had Cherry Chocolate Cordial coffee. I didn't even know there was Cherry Chocolate Cordial coffee.

But now I want some.

*tries not to cry*

(Btw, do you sweeten, add cream, drink iced, anything like that? Just curious about your coffee drinking habits.)

All, dpeneding on circumstances, but usualy at home--milk, sugar, the usual.

I lose at life. And not just because I don't have that coffee.

Kill me?

Right now I really dislike you! I love Cherry Chocolate Cordial coffee!!!!!!!!

*goes off and pouts* (too poor at the moment)

*sends hugs and virtual chocolate* Is it better or worse to know that it is the coffee that could launch a thousand ships?


Not that i'm a coffee drinker, but that must just smell like The Best Thing in the World.

*ships you and your coffee*

Dear God, it does. It smells like those boxes of chocoate covered cherries you get around valentine's day. Hmm. Almost like a smoky chocolate amaretto.

In other words--dear God yes good.

Do you have enough sugar on hand? I'd hate for you to run out. *g*

(Also? Hershey's has/had a limited edition that might be on clearance at your local Target: Chocolate-Cherry Cordial Kisses. I flailed around when I first tasted one. GOD.)

Oh, sweet! Did you get it at the central market over on Lamar? I haven't been there since the Whole Foods opened up by me, but I'll definitely give it a try if you say this coffee is good.

Do you french press?

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