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lalala ice day lalala

Yay! Free! Like the wind, people.

Okay, fever's gone. Still that weird exhausted with a headache thing, but I haven't had a temperature jump since yesterday, so. Yay! Okay, yay, rather, because...

It's an Ice Day! Yay!

You northerns have Snow Days. I'm sure, if you could see our weather reports right now, you'd be laughing, for the Entire World (aka This Area) has shut down for Ice!

It's kind of cool, actually.

Think like this--you look outside on a field of white--but it's NOT snow! It's ice! In drifts! *grins* It's pretty. It gives the illusion of pretty snowness.

Moments that should not have amused me but did: watching people this morning slowly sliding ALL over the roads trying to get to work. I know, accidents! Bad! But you know? We're in CENTRAL TEXAS. We are equipped for temperatures that breach one hundred, NOT ice. Our tires are not up to that. What exactly makes them think that they can drive on ICE is beyond me. The footage on the news is hysterical. Big buses trying to climb these hills….almost making it….only to slide slowly back down. Massive SUVs and suburbans doing slow loop the loops on the roads. No, I'm serious--Austin is just being FUNNY. People, trying to walk, sliding down. Okay, right, I'm now remembering the first time I went ice skating and wincing when I watch, but hee! I can laugh. I remember the pain!

So yes, I reserve the right of mockery here. Being one who will not go outside and is amused by those who do. *sticks out tongue* Lalala.


Feeling well-vibes.


Lex Libris by girlinthetrilby Yippee! Birthday fic! *hugs Beth* Thank you chica! Also, VERY hot and VERY funny. I loved this story in first draft and I love it even more now. Clark, being methodical about seduction, and Lex--well, going with it. *grins* I almost choked on soda reading this and it only gets better with every read.

Like this bit.

"Clark, are you sure you want to do this?"

Clark nodded and picked up a stack of papers from the chair next to him. "Absolutely. I did a lot of research on this, and things are going almost by the book."

Lex stared at him. "You have a manual?"

Clark nodded, his expression one of complete seriousness. "Kind of, yeah."

"A gay sex manual."

Clark frowned at that. "Well, some of it's gay, but a bunch is kind of fill in the blanks. I had to improvise, here and there." He sorted through the stack. "This one is about gay sex, though. Just to make sure we do it right."

Lex wondered if he could get away with just drinking from the bottle as Clark held up some diagrams. There was one with two flaccid penises that was distinctly uninspiring. Looking like building plans, they chronicled angles of erection. The last set of diagrams was one man on his knees while the other man had his organ out at a perfect forty-five degree angle, ready to insert into the small, puckered hole of the man beneath him.

There were arrows made from cut up red post-its pointing to the hole.

"We need this to do it right?"

"Well, I've never done it, and Mr. White says that research can help you do anything." Clark narrowed his eyes and looked at Lex. "Have you done it?"

"Once or twice," Lex hedged.

Clark nodded sagely. "Then you might need something to help you remember how."

A glance back at the table confirmed the bottle was empty, leaving Lex feeling distinctly betrayed.

Manual Labor, Two Tranqs, and Half a Flask by devinmoonshine. Yippee! More birthdayfic! Whoa. Hot. Devin KNOWS how to bring out longing and need and what you can't quite have and use it like a brick to throw at you. Beautifully written, aching, and sweet. Though Clark? Really. Next time? Conscious. *grins*

The Year of the Dragon by hackthis. Zahra is hands down the best Lucas writer so far--she's got a clean grasp of his character that appeals to me. Liv calls Lucas 'feral' and I think zahra shows that best. Raised without even the illusions of bonds to other people, without care for anyone but himself, and this story especially shows the result of a lifetime of this.

Needful Things by penelope_z. Penelope still blows my mind stylewise. No spoilers, read cold. For her especially, interpretation is everything.

Just Pie by liviapenn

More later. I haven't been reading much, what with misery and so forth. Lalala, bad jenn.

Meme Frenzy

I am Frozen In. Seriously, my mood could not get better without chemical assistance here.

Five People In Fandom That Make Me Happy

girlinthetrilby, pearl_o, liviapenn, thete1, and isilya

Kind of for all the same reasons and all different reasons. I like them because they challenge me and how I think. But mostly because they're all extraordinary and make me want to be extraordinary, too.

Five Things In Fandom That Make Me Happy

Meta. The people above. Fic. Livejournal. Naked Lex.


Interesting Places to Go

People thinking in fandom just fascinate me.

mecurtin is studying wank in a highly scientific way. I LIKE her. Go help!

Other Things

I keep being assaulted by urges to pick up pearl_o and cuddle her into wellness. *cuddles* Poor baby. But! Pimp!Clark! He's cute! He's hot! He likes pie! You'll feel better, honest!

Okay, I'm starting to sound *high*.

Anyway. Feeling less sick, cut off from All of Civilization, left alone to chart unknown paths in the Wilderness of Metadom, more later, because I have NOTHING to do. I am trapped. Trapped, I tell you! It's so cool. As long as power, water, and phone all stay on. One fo them goes, my mood may significantly drop. *looks sharp*

Yep, this is going to be a GOOD day. If I don't run out of food. And liviapenn's little plotbunny will leave me alone.

*growls at Livia*
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