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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in which my cred as a total sap is here
children of dune - leto 1

Dear God he is hot. Dear, dear God

Yes, I am a sap. I will see this movie, yes.

I will *cry for his manly pain*.

There's a very real possibility I will quote bits of wisdom from it. I so don't care. *Pretty*. And also, melodramatic. That combination is like freaking *catnip*.

If you'll excuse me as I tell my shame to take a hike? Watch pretty boy cry. Watch especially for close up of perfect eyes with impossibly thick lashes.

You will need to breathe.

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I'm shaking my fist at you because, the trailer sucked me in......

....I grew full of love and desire to see it now nownownowNOW!!!

.....and no theater is showing it in my area...

...damn you! *sulks*

*slinks off to watch the trailer again and drool over the pretty*


...I have watched it too many times. Shame? Runs *away* from me now!

Jesus, I'm tearing up from the trailer. I freaking love movies like this.

Me too! *nodnodnod* OVERCOMING ADVERSITY! God yes yes yes. And being really hot and did you notice *wet* as well?

Life is good.

And there's gymnastics! What movie could be cooler!

...And of course we wont get in Australia for like a year.

Oooh! I had *no* idea they were making a movie of this! I've had the opportunity of hearing the author speak many times, and I'm really excited to see this film!

(of course, it helps that he's hot)

Emo boy. Wet. Pretty. HURT/COMFORT.

That's pure fangirl catnip right there. No wonder we're all purring, insane, and ready to roll around with blissfully glazed expression on the carpet right now.

So totally there.



(Deleted comment)
God, I already want to quote about breaking hearts. It's--it's *too much*. *whimpers*

Eeee, I'd never heard about this movie, but it looks awesome. I'm so seeing it when it finally comes to Belgium. Or downloading if I have to wait for a year or so. *evil*

And dammit, did they have to use THAT song for the trailer. That's one of the songs that makes me tear up every time I hear it.

What is that song? *desperate* Teh one through the end of the trailer? I need need need.

Sia - Breathe Me.

They used it in the Six Feet Under series finale (I think), and it hits me in the gut every single time. So pretty!


Eeep! Just don't quote that line about his broken heart!


The guy *is* waaaay pretty.

Isn't he? Scruffy and crying in his truck? And *hitting things*? And being *wet*?


Lol, I know my friends will love this movie. I don't think he's that pretty though for some reason, his head is shaped kind of oddly so I think he's more cute than pretty.

His ears stick out, but oh dear God his eyes. And his *scruff*. *sighs dreamily*

oh wow.

now I have to see that. holy crap.

Yep. *Pretty*. And *angsty*.

I can't view from work and won't remember to do so from home -- what is this and who's the guy in it?

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