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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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two hours and counting
I have two more hours before I have to stop being angry about this. So.

Borrowed from deadlychameleon who borrowed from xoverau:

"If you post a hate meme, if you post defending a hate meme, if you post that you've WRITTEN something hateful in a hate meme, I will defriend you. No argument about it being your right--of course it's your right. No argument about whether it's your cup of tea--fine, it can be your cup of tea. No argument about whether we agree on this subject or one of us should lighten up--it's moot. Because your wanky cowardly petty backbiting puerile ass will be off my friendslist. Okay? Consider this clause to have a half life of FOREVER."

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I don't understand the whole hate meme thing. What possible purpose do they serve? If you hate a show/fandom/person/whatever then there is a really simple solution to your problem. Don't watch that show. Don't read stories/play in that fandom. Don't read that person's LJ or ignore any comments they send you. Whatever happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"? Not to say that I'm perfect in this but I do try to control myself at all times. I'd rather spend my precious spare time playing in the fandoms I enjoy than trying to ruin the online experience for someone else.

Mine too. It pisses me off just having someone *defend* a hate meme.

WTF is going on with all these hate memes? Can we be done with them already? Jesus.

Is there even a way to *defend* a hate meme? I'm sick of hearing about them, I'm sick of people getting upset about them, and they (and the people who feel the need to write them and then tell everyone about them)need to just.go.away.

Theres a way to try. It goes like this: "Freedom of speech blahblah I can state my opinion blabla . . ."

Thing is, if their opinion is so important, why do they need to state it anonymously, with IP logging off? Sure, if one writes it in one's own LJ, people may come to protest and argue, but hey, if it means so much to them to get that opinion out there, the least they can do is stand by it.

I didn't even know they existed till someone pointed the SGA one out to.

And I'd always thought SGA was The Happy Fandom. (It must have been all the crack!fic. )

*crashes Jenn's journal*

No, no. They don't want freedom of speech. They want freedom of CONSEQUENCE FREE speech.

That's kinda the way things are these days. It's all about freedom from consequences. ;)


I must be pretty lucky, I've managed to avoid these "hate memes" so much that I'm not even really sure what you're talking about....What are they like?

*cheers*. Totally. They're nasty things, and they serve no constructive purpose whatsoever.

Seriously. arg, I can't wait 'til this little "fad" passes over.

Do I really want to know what the heck a hate meme is? Isn't hate a wasted emotion? A complete waste of ones time? Was I one of the lucky ones and this thing has just passed me by?

I was hearing about these hate meme's and I asked someone what was going on. I checked it out and then I laughed at these people. They had poor spelling and poor grammer. It was so bad that even I, who has a few problems with grammer, noticed it.

I wanted to help out the HL fans who were hijacking the hl_hate threads with good vibes and such, but I couldn't even come up with anything in jest to help lighten the mood.

Life is so darned short, and so fragile, and so precious, and there's so much to celebrate in such this little time... I don't understand the vitriol and bile that surfaces every time a hate meme makes the rounds.

I've been to too many funerals lately. *big sigh*

I'm really starting to find this whole hatememe thing exhausting. It could be used in a manner for constructive criticism, if it all wasn't so petty and spiteful. As it is, it just saddens me that a group of intelligent individuals have the capacity for something of this nature.
It reminds me of a quote I once heard: "Women could rule the world, if they didn't all hate each other."
That said, I agree with this policy. Way to stick to your principals.

It's nice to agree on hating hate. *grin*

There's only one hate meme I've run across, basically liz_marcs wrote a post asking people to list books they hated and why. That one seemed harmless enough.

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