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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Is there any way to pre-emptively ban someone from every commenting on your lj, ever friending you, or you know, *breathing in your general vicinity*? Mabye like restraining order requiring them to stay two fandoms away? Or a neat little thing that makes their name *vanish* from your flist no matter the context?

Because? There *should* be. At least the first two. If I were deified, maybe the rest too. That depends on if I stay this pissed until my eventual joining with the pantheon.

I know, I hate mysterious declarations like this to. Basically, I can vent here or stew all afternoon in a snit that will doubltess lead to indigestion and early crows' feet. No one wants that.

You can do the first two, actually.

To ban a user from commenting on your lj: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=20

You can't stop someone from friending you, but you *can* stop yourself from knowing about it, details: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=185

Hiding a particular username from your Friend Of list: If you are uncomfortable with a certain username displaying on your Friend Of list, it is possible to hide that particular name by banning that user from leaving comments in your journal.

I never knew you could do that. Wow. *whistles low*

*pets soothingly* What goes around comes around! You know how big I am on karma and reciprocity.

*sighs* Yeah. I know. Jsut sometimes, I wish karma moved faster. A lot faster.

Or a neat little thing that makes their name *vanish* from your flist no matter the context?

If you use S2, you should be able to customize your style to "killfile" them so that you don't ever see their posts on your flist, even if they post to a comm that you're watching. I can only tell you how to do it for flexible squares, as that's what I use. *g* You might look for a community for your style.

Supposedly you can killfile their comments in other people's LJs and in communities, too, but I've never managed to get that one working (more's the pity).

Oh my GOD. You are joking. No, I am in a fragile state here, you wouldn't do that. No, you would give me *happiness*. Joy! Rapture! I will redesign my ENTIRE LJ to get this to work.

*kisses you*

Marry me?

I have done the preemptive ban on two people I loathe intensely. I never wish to engage with them, ever.

*pets you*

I wish there were something to make people vanish from my friendslist. Or friendsfriends.

Have you read the story with Cowboy in the title? It's painful, but very good. And good for distraction, I think.

God, yes, read it at work, blew my *mind*. God John John *John*. Taht was amazing. I have promised myself that I will write at lesat a hundred word review of it, because God, there is so much in there that I loved.

If you really want to go hardcore, then yes, you could make a custom style that deletes any mention of their name, or any paragraph/entry with their name.

No fandom restraining orders through.

Oh man, you people rock.

*tacklehugs you*

I've only just figured out how to use the Default View of the flist so a lot of the wank doesn't show up. It's BLISS.

I finally noticed that while creating filteres. Oh yes. that is good stuff.

You could always delete their comments and make the entry friend's locked...

Flocking my entire lj would be--yeah, no. Killfile? Much nicer.

You know, if you can figure out that two-fandom-wide restraining order?

And you let me know?

I would totally write you the SGA/Muppets fic, like, YESTERDAY.

*starts looking for assistance*

Yeah, I've had to ban a nutty flamer person, and then ban anonymous comments to keep her from showing up anyway. I didn't know about the killfile thing in s2, that's really worth looking into.

*NODS* IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE! Okay, it's like the answer to a prayer.

I'm reading up on the S2 styles now. I mean, I love my current one, but honestly, if it will increase my level of fannish love and decrease incidents of heartburn to change? I am *there*.

I guess most states still frown on the old murder-for-hire solution, huh?

*sulking* yes. Dammit.

Maybe I should check. How are international waters classified?

This killfile thing is oh so tempting, because I need to make people not be part of my LJ world at all. I've got them killfiled in my e-mail (I configured my mail server's spam filter so that it doesn't even *download* mail from them, yay), but they keep popping up in unexpected places and I need to just pretend they do not exist.

But the fandom restraining order? Oh, god, I *want* that.

God, *yes*. I mean, I do not often get to that level of dislike--but when it does, *knowing they are there* makes me twitch. Even seeing their *name* reminds me of my deep, endless rage thing.

Mmm. fandom restraining order. when I figure out how to make them, the world will be sweet.

::is paranoid::

I have ban_set [username] on my user info page and I use it all the time. It odesn't eliminate the cause of nasty niffs, but it does guarantee that they can't ever come and niff all over my place.

Also, it's cathartic to make really annoying people disappear. Even if the chance of them ever appearing in my blog is less than zero in the first place. It still feels nice.

Exactly. Yes. And the psychological *comfort* of never seeing them in your mailbox from comments *again*....

it's like christmas. Lj Christmas.

I'm clueless on any advice but my empathy knows no bounds.

*hugS* I am in that not so great place today. Just. God. Damn.

Hey I'm so glad you asked about this...I haven't had the need or urge to ban anyone...but it's good info to know in case anything does come up.

am now reading about this killfile? sounds interesting. :)

*nods frantically* It so does.


I'm completely with Madelyn on this in the karma department. You keep putting out negative crap into the world and it will eventually turn around to bit you in the butt. Sometimes it takes way longer than it should to happen but, it does happen.

Things like this last week with all of the hate memes floating around fouling up the net can sure make me wish for sooner rather than later though.


God yes. I know, karma always gets you. And in this case, I know it will hit her *hard* later. But it's like--yeah. Okay, I'll do an explanation under lock later, so at least my flist will understand my extreme overreaction here. I even know I'm overreacting. I just don't care. I want to be comforted by the knowledge I will have teh very minimal possibility of ever having to see her name, much less interact with her.

*hugs back*