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The Toybox

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this is so freaking cool
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this morning *sucked*. First thing in, there was this *pile* and I won't even describe it because, well, it's a very boring kind of pile, and very large, which kind of figures, doesn't it? But. My day got *better*. This is by ileliberte, who totally made my morning *so much better* by sending this by email. It's me! With my rabbits! In my cubicle! This is such a metaphor for my life. *hugs to ileliberte* Thank you *so much*. I just--have no words. It's *fantastic*.
Jenn's Office of RabbitsJenn's Office of Rabbits

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Oh, that's just the cutest thing ever. It's adorable and it gives me flashbacks to the movie "The Birds" -- bunny style.


I like the little one that is sorta having a look out the window.
Far, far too cute.

Glad to have saved you from the Pile of Boredom :) Now I just need to figure out a way to get through my own rabbitless day without falling asleep on my keyboard.

Oh, that's really cute!

So cute! Good luck with the rest of the day!

That's brilliant! Made me smile!


Very, very cute. But should we be worried, that there are even more than 4 rabbits in this pic? *grins at you* And more than one seems to have red eyes.

Eeeee, so cute! So incredibly cute!

That's lovely.

Heh! Your bunnies have their own private artist, they're moving up in the world. They'll be signing shoe deals soon, and it's only a matter of time before they have their own perfume - Eau de Bun

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