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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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nine o'clock blues
I'm amusing myself with the fact I woke up at *eight thirty* this morning after running, running from AIM and Yahoo last night at four--oh God, *four*--and I am so not sleepy. I feel like, I don't know, building a second rabbit fortress or something.

No, I'm not! I'm just saying.

Pointless Desert Porn (with added fruit!) is being stared at by adannu who, poor girl, possibly put a contract out on me when I said, "No, please, nitpick more!" and asking her to suggest things. It's all very sad. I mean, for her. For me, I get a fixed story out of it. What's not to love?

I'm staring blankly at The Forest People again. I have stared sadly at it since freaking *January*. The really sad, sad, sad part of this is that all I really wanted to write was feral porn. I mean, there was no great theme or meaning, just people fucking in a forest. And I do not see why it had to start going places where the question 'why' has to be answered. That's cheating. I do not see why I cannot make a thriving industry from writing happy porn.

*sighs* I need my flist to update now, 'k? I need *stimulation*. No, the mental kind. And stop thinking this entire John of Arabia thing that adannu planted in my head. It's--just don't ask.

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You see that is what happens when you start with deserts and porn, you end up with John of Arabia sneaking in through the gaps. All dusty and lean in sultan clothes, with scimitars.

On that note, I am going to seek a shower and sleep. *nods*

Maybe I just have a deep desire to see John the sultan wearing eyeliner.

I am going to the *special hell*.

Oh god. *Scimitars*


Oh God. Eyeliner. *zones out*
Pointy toed, bejewelled slippers.
Fragrant oils and spices.

That had better be a roomy special hell, because I think it is going to get crowded mighty fast.

*resigned* There will be massages with oils, you know. While poor John twitches and theyr'e all, *relax* sir, let us feel you up in the name of relaxation.

Is there any other reason for oil? I mean, good reason.
Can you imagine trying to get the eyeliner on him? He'd almost get stabbed in the eye ... which would be a good reason to try feel him up relax him through crafty, exotic oils...

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