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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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life amongst the wild and mammalian

The first stage of the Fortress of Rabbitude is complete. A bit over five feet tall, three separate levels, the middle level two levels high for the creation of a complex network of lounges and a small swimming pool/sauna. Right now, the levels are isolated, with one rabbit on the ground floor, one on the top floor, and Sloppy and Bryante in the middle, since Sloppy is too totally in love with Bryante to fight him, and Bryante's good at hiding in the castle from Sloppy's unpleasant advances. This is like the antislash, really, living with rabbits.

You thought I was serious, didn't you? No pool or sauna, but definitely sitting ledges. I'm still working out how to do it, but so far so good. It's very stable, which is a plus. Final plans include adding removable plywood floors to level two and three, and a permament floor for level one, and putting the entire thing on wheels for easy moving. Pictures of the beta structure will be forthcoming, since I finally found Adobe and can add it to my laptop.

Oh Adobe, how I have missed you.

I'm thinking the first floor will be all pipes for a rabbit maze/warren for them to play in, but that may come later, after the little bastards are neutered and stop trying to injure me or mate with my feet. I'm still thinking about a way to make a water resevoir for them, though even I can't think of a reason to hook directly into the pipes in the house without being asked if I need to think of finding a permanent therapist.


I had a traumatic experience last night.

Around threeish, I woke up, feeling like I'd forgotten to put up the hamburger. Yeah. It was three. I was thinking of food. This is not a surprise. Stumbling to the door, I stepped on something that felt squishy with a lot of give. Huh, I said, and turned on the light, looking down to see what appeared to be twitching grey rubber.

Twitching grey rubber, I thought, wiping my eyes. Huh.

Not so much twitching grey rubber as twitching grey and brown gerbil--to wit, my niece's escaped gerbil.

He (she?) died fast, that is something. I--well, he died of compression injuries from, you know, one hundred sixty-something pounds behind a size eight and a half foot bearing down on him, so yeah, fast was pretty much how it had to happen. He twitched. I watched, because if one commits gerbilicide, one should be there to witness. Then I freaked out and ran to my rabbits and let them nip my fingers and stroked their heads so I could feel at one with mammals again.

I feel like I betrayed my phylum or something.

Anyway. Yeah. Karmatic darkness in the future.

I have just realized I really do have the most boring life in history. Next up, counting the number of times I sneeze a day. Maybe *document* it. I could become one of those people. I so could.

I just want you to know that I saw this phrase, "Fortress of Rabbitude" and thought, "Yeshiva?"

Ow, sorry about the gerbil! Poor him, and poor you.

But the Fortress of Rabbitude sounds really cool.

Slowly, i am recovering from the fact I stepped an animal to death. I think it's better it occurred when i was half-asleep. I really didn't have time for a leap and scream onto the desk, just a slow acknowledgement of oh, god, no.

*grins* The Fortress is *awesome*. I get a kick out of just looking at it. And planning its future.

Can't wait to see your rabbit fortress! Although I am sorry you had such a traumatic gerbil incident. At least the poor thing went quickly.

*nod* very quickly. but it did twitch. Dear God, did it twitch.

*sighs* It had a brave burial in the trash can, to rejoin nature. I wish it speed.

(Deleted comment)
*cries* This does not make me feel better!

You are not alone...

in committing gerbilicide. Hubby had one as a child and used to let it run around the living room. It disappeared down the back of the sofa (which had a slatted wooden seat and back) and when he stood up to look for it the wood sprang back like a massive mousetrap with the gerbil inbetween. Gruesome.

Re: You are not alone...

Oh *man*. *twitches* that is just--wow. No. God.

I am *so sorry*.

There's no reason for bad karma, hon; you couldn't have known the gerbil would be there. *hugs*

You know, if I hadn't had that irrational need to check on the hamburgers? This so wouldn't have happened.

it was *cute*. darn it.

I am mortally afraid of killing a cat. *Mortally*. And they're quicker, sturdier and used to being underfoot.

Re Fortress of Rabbitude - It needs an undergound lair. So the secret love affair between the hero and the villian can meet without being seen.

*nod* An underground lair of *pipes*.

*bounces warily*

anyone with a magnificent Fortress of Rabbitude in their house cannot lead a boring life!

*thoughtful* It is a truly beautiful fortress. I mean, I look at it and think, my fingers hurt so much from the zip cords? But so very worth it.


I keep thinking you need a recirculating 5' waterfall with little pools for drinking & bathing at each level (nods head, yes, definitely.)

I took my gerbil to show and tell in third grade and when he tried to scoot out the little cage door - I slammed it shut really fast - and that was that. Fortunately it wasn't messy, but it was in front of 20+ eight year olds.

Ohhh man.

*pets gerbil in absentia* That--could not have been easy. damn.

Also, YES! WATERFALL! Why didnt I think of that?

OMG, you killed the gerbil?!? How horrible. Now I'm even more terrified I'll one day step on of my rats. They love to scurry around my feet when I come into the room, or move about, because they come to beg, to try to play with me and tug my clothes, to climb me, or whatever other unfathomable reason they may have, and they take no care whatsoever when running around and over my feet.

Well, this gerbil, I have to say, could not have been very bright, what with hanging in doorways for feet. You wont' step onn your rats! Rats are much smarter!

*wheezes* Fortress of Rabbitude.
I ... I think I love you.

That's horrifying, about the gerbil. At least it wasn't, you know. Visceral. I suspect that gerbil viscera between the toes would scar one for life.

Oh, horrors is right. Gah to the viscera -- indeed, it could have been much worse...

Poor Gerbil. *hugs you*

But you have a Rabbit Palace! That has to help.

The Fortress of Rabbitude sounds utterly awesome. I feel this overwhelming urge to get rabbits simply for the excuset to build one.

Ohh, also is there any chance of getting pics of the fortress. Because, I have this feeling that my imagination is not enough to completely imagine the grandess of it.

*pets* Whoa. I'm sorry about the sudden gerbil death. It was an accidental death so rather than it being gerbilicide it's gerbilslaughter....err...that doesn't really sound any better does it?

This is totally random in relation to your post, but I had to tell you...

I saw X3 on Saturday, and after seeing it, I suddenly had an urge for X fic like I haven't had in years. In particular, I had the urge to reread Jus Ad Bellum.

The new movie has a kind of war theme, but you handled it much, much better.

*happy sigh*

Oh, and thank you again for giving me the unbeta'd ending so long ago. I love the detail in your new ending (for Katherine [sic]), but I love, love, love, the earlier ending where Rogue was split and both universes get her. Just a lovely happy ending for poor alter!Wolvie. :-D

yet another gerbilcide

I sympathize with your pain - had no idea this experience was so common.

Mini-Retro (age abt 8 or so) holding baby gerbil in little hot fist squeezes slightly too hard. Gerbil objects vociferously, teeth bearing down deep into finger. Mini-Retro opens her fist and flails her hand instinctively. Gerbil flies across the room, hits the wall, and slides down to the floor. Gerbil actually survives this experience, with visible nervous system damage, but dies a few days later either as a result of internal injuries or at the hands(teeth) of one of his parents.

Permanent trauma. Seriously. Baby! gerbil.

All that aside, the fortress sounds awesome. We had quite a bit of rodential experience: parents let us have at various times one (1) rat, two (2) guinea pigs (who reproduced once), and multiple breeding pairs of gerbils (which resulted in several years of no fewer than twenty (20) gerbils in the house). Rodents like places to climb around and hide in. They like lairs. And tunnels. And stuff like that. I bet your rabbits are verrrry happy.