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We had this whole--*waves hands*--thing with requisitions and chairs and you know, hell at work. It's not often in my life that I am suddenly tempted to join the a convent, but if they can swear to me that requisitions aren't involved? I may be listening.

The first story of the Rabbit Fortress is complete. It took about a hundred of the cordy things for the base floor, which I'm thinking after The Great Snip Snip of 2006 (yes, I will refer to it as that; it still amuses me), I'll fill with pipes of various sizes hooked together to create a miniwarren for the Warren to crawl through. Thank you to the person who responded in my last post for the idea--I am inspired.

So what we have right now is twenty panels in a rough open box shape, opening down, one panel high, two panels wide, two panels deep. The entire open-one-side thing will epically not work, so open on short side off atrium that I went ahead and added. This will not be easy to remodel once it's done, so I want it to be easy to get inside to do the changes after all my boys have moved beyond the physical. They'll be like Ancients, in a way.

Okay, and suddenly, I have really scary thoughts about how the Ancients avoided worrying about bodily--things. Yeah. Let's not go there.

Anyway. The bottom layer is set and really quite large. Later, I'll add in a yard type to it for them to play in. It's goinng to take, at an estimate, probably about a thouand tie-things for this to work. But it looks like there will be plenty of running space, and I'll add in rabbit size lounging areas. This project is actually going to end up kind of scary, since I'm also planning for ways for them to climb upward and practice jumping more.


Okay, because of the horror of requisitions failing again, I needed comfort fic. And lookie here, found some.

The Slow Braille of Touch by beadtific - this one just melted me into goo puddles. Like, good goo-puddles of happiness. Sweet without being at all syrupy, warm and hot and--well, wholesome, which sounds just weird of me, but I read it with this warm glow of happiness and hope and strategically placed yellow light feeling. It's a wonderful John, and God, I love this Rodney, and pretty much the glow place can be found here. Oh yes, comfort fic.

Less in the way of comfort fic, but equally good--wait. Did I ever tell you this story? Okay, when I was a kid, first grade, my school made me take an IQ test. Now I went to a normal public elementary school, nothign weird here, except possibly they put me in remedial reading. I'm not sure. This was twenty something years ago. This was remedial *something*. But anyway, there was some thought I was stupid, not merely completely unable to listen to more than three words of directions, since back then, they didn't diagnose ADHD at the drop of a hat.

Okay, this a long-winded way to start a rec for a story, but bear with me. In third grade, we had competitive timed math quizzes in addition and subtraction (yours truly kicked ass), and we had something called greater than/less than, with the > and <.

Okay, it looks easy, but it's totally not, because it took me three years to learn how to use those.

In fifth grade, long division kicked my ass. Kicked ass to teh point of almost failing math.

And in eleventh, I cried through my first three six weeks of geometry. I mean, my teacher curved my grade until we got to sin/cos/tan where I was happy, and part of it was the fact I was AP and Honors, and part of it was utter bewilderment because I was taking trig concurrently and I was getting As.

I won't even go into the horror of taking Precal in college, because me and my professor could not, for the life of us, figure out why I varied randomly on what I could understand instantly and what would never, ever click without an intervention and a grade curve for sheer effort.

There's a pattern with all of these things--they are things that no one has problems with when they listen to the directions. If you sit in class and not phase out, you'll probably get it right off the bat. Or in the case of fucking proving a fucking triangle--honestly, that was just unnatural and I don't care what anyone says. I copied the stuff blindly and believed what I was told with no understanding of what I was being told. And I have notebooks of this crap that I still can't understand at all and it kind of blows my mind, because this was the stuff that anyone could learn and I simply could not.

Almost there.

In geometry, I had to take a lot on faith. I couldn't understand it, so my teacher taught me to memorize it. And by memorize, I mean, go through teh book and learn *every variation* that might show up on a test so I could write down the answer. With no possible way for me to know I was right. I had to trust the book was right, my teacher was right, and my memory was that good.

Academic by miss_porcupine - it could be just me with flashbacks to geometry, but that hit me *hard* in the best possible way. He fucked with their understanding of the universe when he fucked up their math. That's so damn *cool*. I mean, that is totally me, sitting there in class, and my teacher just taught me that a triangle's sides do not equal 180. Well, okay, not quite? But damned close.

Sweet. I didn't even know I was waiting for this until it was here. Though I did amuse myself sometimes with thinking of an AU where teh Genii get away with Elizabeth and Rodney after The Eye/The Storm, and Rodney builds them all the nukes they want then sets them off while dashing madly for the gate while the Genii try to figure out how this entire nuclear thing works.

Also, it has this line.

"Torch this place," Sheppard ordered. "Nothing intact."

If God is kind, that line will appear in canon. And be followed by obedience and things blowing up. I'm hoping for a.) large things and b.) many of them.

I'll be having a quiet moment imagining it now. 'Scuse me.
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