Seperis (seperis) wrote,

coffee and chocolate day

This is so cool. And based on something called the Tiptree Awards, which I had never heard of before and now is totally burned into my brain forever and ever, but...

Wow. The purring part of fannish meta--by which I mean, oh my God, everyone is discussing what it is, how it's viewed, how they see themselves, how they see others, what fanfic is, was, and will be, how it's viewed by others--this is like heroin. I have no idea where to respond first. It's like someone said it was chocolate and coffee day. Why the fuck am I at work? I wonder if I could fake appendicitis convincingly.

Picked up these links, I *think* all are unlocked.

metafandom has a listing--oh, new ones! I didn't see some of these. Two separate entries: here and here.

Some individual links that popped up on my flist:

Audience, People! by cereta
Hi, Ranty McRantpants reporting for duty by copracat.
When outsiders read fanfiction by eolianbeck

Hmm. You know, from a purely fangirl watching perspective, it's interesting that a fanfic got on the list in the first place. Hmm.
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