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happiness is apparently science

I've been kind of tense the last few days.

So back two months ago, I went in for an interview at a place near my work. I was nervous and worried and kept thinking I was saying the wrong thing all the time, and Nick sat with me and tried to pretend he didn't know me while chatting with the interviewer. And they said, we'll call you May 15th and tell you, and I said sure, and yesterday they didn't call.

Today, they did.

The interview wasn't for a job, it was for my son to attend the Harmony Science Academy Charter School, elementary level, which is new in Austin and starts its first semester this year. It's lottery, which means only a set number of kids are accepted and it's random. And I put in Nick's app like, the first day the webpage showed that they were opening an elementary branch in Austin. But once he's in, he's good, I think, through high school in the Harmony system.

So today, they called, and today, he was accepted, and today, I nearly bit through my lip and almost broke Nick's ribs when I ran out to tell him.

He's going to have to wear a *uniform*. It's so cute!

I am so--I have no idea. I think happy so does not cut it. This is a triple espresso kind of thing.

Also, because this amuses me, my manager is hiring three new people and I applied for one of the jobs. The amusing part is I was also the one screening the applications. And dear God, do a lot of people have better qualifications than I do. And you know what? I do not *care*.

(also, I split the apps innto three groups: Best, Less than a Year Experience, and Are You Kidding Me? On post-its. You have to wonder sometimes how he gets through the day when he's at meetings adn remembers I have a key to his file cabinets.)
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