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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mother's day, Child-style
children of dune - leto 1
My son's early mother's day present to me, written on notebook paper. Spelling and punctuationn reproduced as faithfully as possible.

Once upon a time there was a wonderfully buttafull wooman her name was jennefier. One day She met a guy at a restrount she was in colage she reproduced with a man then a sperm vent in to a egg that got bigger the child got bigger and bigger Until it was time when I was born there are side afects so you know it your having a baby or not one of them is mood swings they are when you swich from happy to sad to mad to tired.

The best part? He spelled *reproduced* correctly.

I love my life.

Oh my god. So cute. He's brilliant or something.

I'm especially fond of hte mood swing psa at the end. *fawning at Child*

Wow. That is amazing.


*grins* The adorableness never ends.

Heh. He cutes me out sometimes.


He is sweet, *and* a budding writer!

*goggles* I guess you're not the only wordsmith in the family. :-D

*proud* That's my kid.

Oh God, it is. Once I got him out of the room, I was laughing hysterically while pasting to Madelyn. Cause dear God, he kills me.

See, that's the kind of shit you have to read at his wedding.

Dear God yes. In every program. Everyone gets one.

(Deleted comment)
*grins* Sometimes I love his creative spelling.

as breathtaking as a weasel!

I just fell in love with your son as intensely as I ever have a ferret.

I hope that totally underscores the depth of the love I now have for Child.

Re: as breathtaking as a weasel!

He totally spun me with that. It's so *him*--right down to the explanation of mechanics of conception and the PSA on how to know if you are. God, he kills me.

AWWWW. Yay for Child!

He kills me sometimes.

So very very cute that it makes my ovaries hurt. And I agree with the commenter who suggested that you save it and pass out copies to all the guests at his wedding reception!

It just killed me when he gave it to me last night. He's just too sweet.