Seperis (seperis) wrote,

don't you wish you had my night

So here's how you know you are in for a special night of hell.

seperis: aloha.
svmadelyn: you should be sleeping!
svmadelyn: or trying to sleep!
svmadelyn: *eyes you*
svmadelyn: you are sickly and dazed!
me: Yep.
me: but I am sickly and dazed with a bleeding nose and tomorrow *off*.
svmadelyn: I should give you incentive to run for the hills
svmadelyn: and what do you know, I think I can
svmadelyn: I am reading Somewhere snippets
me: *twitch*

Everyone has one or two stories they have never finished. Or in my case, twentyish. And among those will be one that will haunt you all your life and follow you everywhere and can often be used against you for clever blackmailing purposes. Actually, a surprising number of blackmailing purposes.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled series is that. All thanks to one small, barely there, less than two thousand word snippet.

svmadelyn: I just had a very vivid daydream
svmadelyn: where some very pretty Ancient type goddess lady
me: Where you killed me in my sleep in Nassau?
svmadelyn: came back in time to a white house dinner
me: Uh huh.
svmadelyn: to rescue clark from someone from the future
svmadelyn: trying to kill him
me: Huh.
me: Interesting.
svmadelyn: because he had impregnanted her and kept the royal line going
me: And not as sociopathic as I'd feared.

I think it's getting better. Last time, she was building a petition.


Or she might get me drunk and tattoed in Chicago.


See, I'm not sure she's joking.
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