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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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don't you wish you had my night
sheppard is pretty
So here's how you know you are in for a special night of hell.

seperis: aloha.
svmadelyn: you should be sleeping!
svmadelyn: or trying to sleep!
svmadelyn: *eyes you*
svmadelyn: you are sickly and dazed!
me: Yep.
me: but I am sickly and dazed with a bleeding nose and tomorrow *off*.
svmadelyn: I should give you incentive to run for the hills
svmadelyn: and what do you know, I think I can
svmadelyn: I am reading Somewhere snippets
me: *twitch*

Everyone has one or two stories they have never finished. Or in my case, twentyish. And among those will be one that will haunt you all your life and follow you everywhere and can often be used against you for clever blackmailing purposes. Actually, a surprising number of blackmailing purposes.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled series is that. All thanks to one small, barely there, less than two thousand word snippet.

svmadelyn: I just had a very vivid daydream
svmadelyn: where some very pretty Ancient type goddess lady
me: Where you killed me in my sleep in Nassau?
svmadelyn: came back in time to a white house dinner
me: Uh huh.
svmadelyn: to rescue clark from someone from the future
svmadelyn: trying to kill him
me: Huh.
me: Interesting.
svmadelyn: because he had impregnanted her and kept the royal line going
me: And not as sociopathic as I'd feared.

I think it's getting better. Last time, she was building a petition.


Or she might get me drunk and tattoed in Chicago.


See, I'm not sure she's joking.

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I am ALL FOR drunk and tattoed in Chicago.

*smiles prettily*

That makes me sound crazy! See, there's *context* for all that first part, and the context is that Lex suffers a lot.

svmadelyn: and Lex was all: WHAT YOU DIVORCED ME?
seperis: *blinks*
svmadelyn: AND HAD CHILDREN?
seperis: *dies*
svmadelyn: and Clark is like: I DID? I--*blinks* *celebrates meanly*
svmadelyn: and then she's like, come with me and I shall explain everything!
svmadelyn: and Lex is like, you're going no where!
svmadelyn: and she's like: Oh. You're him. *nose wrinkles*
svmadelyn: Whatever!
svmadelyn: and spirits Clark away
svmadelyn: with a flash of cool magic
svmadelyn: leaving Lex with stupid Chloe
svmadelyn: and their stupid incoming triplets
svmadelyn: while Clark goes off with pretty ancient lady to rule a universe and get his powers back
svmadelyn: and have really kickass children
svmadelyn: who come back and totally destroy lex and chloe's little heathens

... sweetie. You realize, this is not making you sound less crazy.

*giggles and runsawayfast*

It's been a year. It'll be awhile more before I feign closure. I should tell you about the one where Lois and Clark go shopping and Clark nearly cries buying Shake n' Bake in the pork chop aisle.

*dark look*

Well seeing how this is the least of what Lex deserves for cheating on Clark with stupid Chloe (I always figured there would be much more groveling and kicking with pointy shoes from Lois).

I try not to think about the snippet of pain - because !PAIN! - but if you have poking powers to get it FIXED, I may have to marry you.

It so, so is the least that he deserves. I'm also thinking days in the desert with no hat or sunscreen. He survived bullets, he can survive that. Oh, and Chloe can be with him. Surely their love will survive screaming and crying and burning in the desert. Mmm.

Alas, I am powerless with this one, so I am afraid you will have to make your marriage proposals directly to the source.

I just taunt at random intervals because I feel she should suffer as Clark does. Poor, sweet, adorable Clark, walking in on the love of his life banging Someone Else. He needs superpowers, a baby, and a hot new super Mary Sue woman stat.

Actually it should be a Mark Sue so that Lex can be extra jealous that he threw away the wonder that is a Clark that was willing to live a life he didn't really like to make Lex happy. Worse, Lex needs to realize that he is no better than Pete, Pete and experience the psychic scars from that for a few years.

Surely their love will survive ...

See I could understand (maybe, okay not really, never) if I thought that Lex actually loved Chloe, or Chloe actually cared at all for Lex - but that was soooooo not the case. Chloe is really just a man stealing skank and Lex is a no go a** for getting with that skank!

::head whips up:: *ow*

Chicago?! What's this about Chicago?! There's Chicago in your future?!

When? Where? How did I miss this?

Will there be fannish visitations? Or, is this entirely a fannish visitation?

I know of where tattoo parlors hide in Chicago.

I even have a collection of plush bunnies, in case you start feeling lonely for the Seperis Psychopaths Warren.

It - I - ::forcing myself to calm down::

::smiles winningly::

Possibly, in August. Madelyn and I are on the waiting list for Vividconn, but I think she wants to go anyway, so we will go and have pizza. And stalk things. *giggles*

You have a collection of bunnies? *oooohs*

We are so going anyway. If we don't make the list, we do drive by sad pressing of our faces against their windows, stealing of their vids, and running for aforementioned pizza. It's all a *plan*, you see.

We will protect the vids! We will build a PILLOW FORT and protect the vids!

Except it will not be necessary, *because* you with both get memberships to Vividcon! ::thinks strongly positive thoughts and paws through drawers looking for a candle to light::

Unless none of that sounds appealing to you, and you only want to go if we actually get in. In which case, that's so boring.


I am so looking forward to that pizza. I mean, if my taste buds were working and I wasn't slowly dying here?

Oh yes, pizza. Sad looks. It's *Chicago*. We will find something to do.


I am going to Vividcon. So I will ::crosses fingers:: see you there!

And, if for some reason the Fates deny you Vividcon, you could still come to the convention and visit people in the lobby. I'm sure there's lots of people you'd like to visit with.... ::winsome smile::

Yes, a collection of bunnies. They live on 3 shelves in my bedroom. They OWN those three shelves. I don't even know how many of them there are - there are a few who are tiny and hiding in boxes (so they don't get lost in my big messy house) until I figure out a way to display them too. Because my bunny shelves are full to bursting!

(I also have a collection of owls, but! they have their own room and are not allowed near the bunnies.)

You know, my life would be so much better if *I* never had to think about that snippet again. Like really. Lalalalala. I didn't even click the link and I *know* and I'm having like *flashbacks* to the horror.

I am writing Ronon cuddling Rodney's cat just to console myself. That is just wrong. *shakes fist*

"Somewhere I Have Never Travelled" is frickin awesome!! I love that series, you definitely need to get on that, darlin'.

(I love the scene where Lex sends Clark gifts at the Planet, frickin' hilarious!)

See, why must you re-post that snippet. I was just beginning to get over the fact that I'm never getting to see what happens next(at least not this year, or possibly the next.) I have achieved a zen kind of patience that I reserve for Lanning's Identical Series which is on hiatus indefinitely.
Why must you break my heart all over again?

Where's the love Jenn? Where is it?

(If I took more Drama classes I wouldn't scare nearly as many people as I am-ah, well)

I never read that snippet. NEVER. I never read about Lex and Chloe and Clark being betrayed


The series ends with the two of them, happily married, just before Lex goes to the White House.

Yep. That's it.

one small, barely there, less than two thousand word snippet

Otherwise known as the snippet with the power to RUIN LIVES!

I've imagined all sorts of resolutions to that snippet. Usually Chloe dies. Or is horribly maimed. And Lex is made to suffer agonies before Clark will even think about forgiving him. And then I reread the snippet and am destroyed all over again. *shakes fist*

Yet despite all that, I really love the "Somewhere" stories.

you re-read THAT snippet of DOOM!!!
gretchen, you are a stronger woman than I am!
normally, when I am less vicious, chloe and lex are made to suffer for centuries (millenias?) by Bruce, before Clark is even giving them a glance :)
LALALA, I am going to reread "sleep while I drive"...LLALAL, never heard of the DOOM snippet...

you re-read THAT snippet of DOOM!!!

It's a sickness. I can't help myself. It's the kind of thing I read when I'm feeling kinda blue and need something that will make me break into sobs....

But right now I'm in my happy place where that snippet has never existed! So I'll join you in denial - LALALALA....


And I was totally in denial that a certain "incident" hadn't happened... There are too many unfinished's in my life. I go crazy trying to tie up the ends or, you know, subtlely "fix" them.

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