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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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pretty meta coming your way!
children of dune - leto 1
Ah, the meta I've been *dreaming* of.

researchgrrrl - who if you haven't friended, I seriously do not get it, this is one of fandom's best and brightest, people - metas on A Differnt Kind of Dirty: Gen Porn.

One of my biggest kinks is The Tease, both when the characters are utterly clueless about the fact that what they're doing could be remotely considered hot and when they're perfectly aware that if anyone else happened by, they'd be totally accused of subtextual stuff. Love it. Seriously.

SPN fen, back me here. Dean would be totally "...for serious? You think me sharpening this knife is hot? No shit? Well, huh. AWESOME." And then he'd probably be all about us playing Spin the Bottle, except it would actually be Spin the Knife and if getting to make out with a Winchester when the blade of a knife points at you doesn't turn you on, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME AND NOT IN A FUN HUNT-YOU-DOWN-AND-SOAK-YOU-IN-HOLY-WATER SORT OF WAY.

And, Housegrrrls, you know what I'm talkin' about when I say the fact that House is equally loose with the sexually suggestive remarks about Chase and Wilson as he is about Cameron and Cuddy when he's got his snark on is every bit as hot as how deliberately nasty he is with inflating giant phallic pink balloons and talkin' smack about how Wilson will find out exactly where House will put his cane if Wilson takes him to dinner that night.

Why we love what we see, why it gives us chills, why Sheppard doing nothing but hanging from the ceiling holding his P-90 while clinging to the rafters gives me good feelings for *weeks*. Or to me, the ultimate example of gen porn in SGA....

Movie Night, where we get Sheppard sleeping platonicaly between his two teammates and I literally flail. FLAIL.

Go read, comment, *discuss*. This has crystalized why gen in SGA with a strong Rodney and Sheppard friendship presence does almost as much for me as the slash. I mean, above and beyond my enslavement to plot. Right there.


Yes, I'm home sick today. I'd say my life sucks, but I have blankets and my laptop. Bliss.

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Oh dear God. Thank you. Thank you. *breathless*

*stares at it in wonder* You are amazing, you know that?

*hugs hard and steals icon*

*blush* I just had it lying around and thought 'why not?' ^^

i've heard of her. she has one of the top 40 most popular lj.

*grins* She's *amazing*.

And how on earth do you find that out? *curious* I mean, top forty popular ljs? *deeply, deeply curious*

can't remember where exactly but i think it was from brad the lj guy.

I hope your feeling better. I been sick off and on for four weeks and finally geting over it so I have been there.

Also, Meta! Yeah!

Oh man. *hugs you hard* I've onnly been feeling really off since Thursday or Fridday. Four *weeks*? You have all my sympathy.

Thank you. It wasn't fun, but I am glad it is over. I hope that your well now.

I had the exact same thoughts about Movie Night. It was as good if not better than actual sex, because it was all about emotional closeness and vulnerability and all that stuff that slashiness to me is about (i.e., the fact that two guys are so close that the sex is simply not only the next logical step but the physical manifestation of what's already there on all other levels of intimacy)

Of course, for me that works best when it's not clear whether they could or do have sex...it's simply not in the text. If their heterosexuality is announced far and wide, you get the bad kind of smarm :-)

God. *Yes*. It was this perfect moment--the first time he woke up with his head in Teyla's lap and his legs on Rodney's and just being *comfortable* and God, *safe*. And that one waking up sandwiched between them--*sighs*. I melt. Oh! And in Retrograde, where Rodney takes John from Cameron after they beam down to the planet and Rodney's holding him and John just relaxes and thinks that maybe now he's safe...God. Those little moments that are just huge in my head.

When researchgrrrl was telling me about it, it took me forever to catch on to what she meant, because I so rarely really see it in fic and it's one of my favorite things but I had no word to use for it. But yes. It's just--wow.

i'm on the run and only glanced at the essay (saved it, of course :-), but isn't that what we've called emoporn (i think wickedword had a post on it recently)...

Why we love what we see, why it gives us chills, why Sheppard doing nothing but hanging from the ceiling holding his P-90 while clinging to the rafters gives me good feelings for *weeks*.

Uh, yeah. Seriously, I am never getting over that. There's a vid somewhere that has that shot, and just the music, and--chills, man.

Hey, hope you're feeling better; maybe the fact that it's All Bunny Tuesday at Cute Overload will help! ;)

Hell, I'd stick the entirety of Retrograde and parts of Recovery in the whol gen porn thing as well. Oh, possibly also auburnnothenna's Zelenka's Still as another that leaps to mind off the top of my head.

Then again, I figure what attracts me to that pairing is the friendship and way they interact, so even in gen there is that clarity of moment that just makes me dribble. Good character depiction is enough.

Hey, girly-o. The Gen Porn Meta has two threads going for it that might interest you:

Writing The Tease


The One Where We Get to Use Words Like 'Erotize' and 'Objectify' A Lot.

Come play if you have the time.

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