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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - Deflection, Connclusion by ltlj
children of dune - leto 1

Deflection, Conclusion by ltlj - all questions answered! All mysteries put to rest! Happy bits of John-touching! Happy!

Oh yes. Good stuff.

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*wibbles at you*

Today? Already sucked by 10:30am.

*sigh* John touching. And, the big wrench in their plans = John would probably jump off a bridge if you told him not to.

Jenn, I blame you for my developing addiction to SGA. ^_^ "skirting dignity"? That was HYSTERICAL. With all the shrieking in laughter, my neighbors are now *convinced* that I really am the crazy cat lady.
I'm jumping between your recs page & the fics you've done, but this has become the burning question of the day, so I'll ask you directly here...

Ok, off-topic here, but SGA question:
(I’m asking this in a few different journals, so sorry if I’m being redundant)

Are there any decent fics out there where they tackle what happens if everyone *does* find out about John & Rodney. Yes, those two are geniuses, but things happen, and the best-laid plans of mice and men, and whatnot... So many of the fics I’ve read have John w/ the internal monolog of “OMGWhatAmIDoing-WhatIfTheyFindOut?” But has anyone gone on from that point & explored what happens when they are outed?

I’m curious how people may have dealt with that scenario with these two characters. Does it bring their relationship to a bitter end? Do they work through it on the ‘love conquers all – (even if it’s undeclared)” principle?

I’ve only been reading SGA for about a week. If anyone has any recs for this kind of situation (or any other specific SGA fics that are gotta-reads) I’d really appreciate it. ^_^

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