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children of dune - leto 1
This week is Public Service Recognition Week, in which we, and by we, I mean, we public servants, are rewarded with hot dogs. Well, hotdogs, cookies, chips, soda, and assorted things. Let me say, I am *all about* being rewarded regularly with large amounts of food. If this happened weekly, I can almost guarantee morale would go up.

Next part of ltlj's Deflection is up here -- for those of you who live beneath huge rocks in a galaxy even more distant than Pegasus, it's--well, I have no idea. She's asked no one spoil or spec in her lj. I am asking the opposite. Please, in comments, give me your theories. I have like, two or three and many many pointless asides, but all have huge holes that one could easily fly a good size Wraith cruiser through and therefore, we should all gather together to speculate.

You realize that the next part, if the pattern continues, does not go up until Friday? Okay, I'm tense enough about House--this is too much stress.

General fangirl rambling

I had a fit of vague paranoia last time I updated my recs, partially from that thing where everyone discussed recs again, and no, I don't mean, oh those monsters, they hurt my tender budding rec feelings--more like, hmm, I wonder if I do those things? There were several things listed, and I agreed with most.

1.) Certain authors I tend to read and rec immediately. These authors, as a rule, write the way I most like to read, what I like to read, and I rarely twitch--except for that one, but that's another thing--when I re-read. It's just--cake or pie. Cake is the certainty, pie is the mystery, when I'm in a rush, cake is certain and less messy. That metaphor may not be completely accurate, but there you have it. Also--if a writer has been in fandom five thousand years and consistently writes good fic--yeah. They've kind of earned my blind trust at that point. And the longer they've been around, or the longer I have spent around them, the more and more I'll walk into a story, any story they write, blind and willing to risk it, even if it's *not* what I'm used to from them, even if I don't like what I think the story is about. I don't even think that's unfair.

2.) I don't actualy like everything I rec. Okay, that sounds wrong. But I don't have to like something to think it's an amazing piece of writing. It can be an amazing piece of writing and I can hate it and wish to burn it and scatter it on the wind. I am like that. See Immortality -- wow, just writing that makes me twitch. I really hate that story. That has never changed the fact I believed it and it's one of the best I have ever read in SV. Hate doesn't preclude me wanting to proclaim it is very, very good. It just keeps me from ever, ever re-reading it for any reason. And trying not to look at it directly when skimming my rec page.

3.) The majority of fic on my rec pages are stuff that is rereadable. With the exclusion of fic in category two above, as a rule, I rec what to me, is very, very rereadable, that when I re-read it, I get something new out of it, or it speaks to whatever part of my brain controls preference, or--it's like the equivalent of online coffee to me, okay? I want fic to be good the first time around, and I like it good rewarmed as well. Which actually explains why I'm enjoying gen so much in SGA--gen fic here is amazingly rereadable. See Retrograde, Refraction, et al.

4.) I have a strong, strong bend toward experimental writing. SGA hasn't given me a lot of opportunity to indulge my pet kink--reading something long and weirdly paced and oddly, oddly, *oddly* tensed, with strange ways of rendering pov, different ways of introducting the text--see nifra_idril. Maybe I just haven't been looking in the right places. Or maybe I just haven't noticed. Risk does good things for me, even if it fails.

5.) I'm character and pairing biased. Like you don't know that going in. So. John fic as opposed to other people fic, Sheppard/McKay as opposed to all other pairings. Gen fic when ltlj writes it, because she writes the perfect John Sheppard. Koschka, et al. Some others that I stumbled over and found cool. But seriously. If that's an actual problem, you seriously do not need to be anywhere near my rec page. Unless I go through some kind of obscure pairing renaissance--and wow, if it was, totally John/Ronon, cause dear God--this is pretty much what you're going to see on the SGA side of the fence.

Okay, now will you tell me what you think is going on in that story? Seriously. House stress. I shoulnd't be this tense over two different wips in two different mediums.

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House stress? The show or your domicile?

The introduction of tretonin makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of Goa'uld genetic memory thing going on with John, which scares me. John shouldn't be touched by the nasty snakes! Get back!

SGA doesn't seem to have a plethora of experimenting with style. I wonder why that is?

Show. God Foreman. Damn.\

The introduction of tretonin makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of Goa'uld genetic memory thing going on with John, which scares me. John shouldn't be touched by the nasty snakes! Get back!

See, I was wondering if this was a post-Refraction world, after they escape? Sumner feeling wrong to John, John on the tretonin, not knowing Teyla, but he recognizes the word Athosian. But Elizabeth is dead, which is Refractionesque, and possibly something Rodney would not want to tell a werid John about, but Rodney's horror is what's throwing me, because Rodney's seen a lot so--I mean, wow. I don't know if this is a Refraction John, though, because he mentions killing Sumner and the Wraith. Except no one else is mentioning the Wraith.

you see why I am going crazy, right? Right.

We should have more experimentals. But I can kind of guess at the why not, I think, though...hmm. Tell me your theory and I'll tell you mine. *g*

Hah, I just screened a terribly spoilery comment and you missed it! (Seriously, if it's giving you an ulcer or anything, email me and I'll give you some reassuring spoilers.)

Hmm. *eyes you thoughtfully* Let me see if I can work it out with the clues provided. though I may email you tonight if I get to the crying ulcer stage. which is possible.

House..thank god the second part is on before Lost..Foreman will be fine, he has to be, the other patient bit the bullet for him and no way will House let something happen to him..other than Wilson I think he really is the only one he listens to.

And the story, I think the wincing at the light and the "dead" comments made by Carson gave me something to think about.

*cracks up* Man, I just emailed her a bit ago and asked her to tell me if it's a parallel universe in any way shape or form. *shakes head* It's bothering me.

House: Yes, Foreman. Not a nice guy at all, but damn.

I suspect that some of the players have indeed either been replaced or controlled in some manner (see: Sumner), and I think Carson is behind it all. Whatever happened, I think he let the genie out of the bottle. And now he's stuck with the consequences, and Rodney and Teyla are trying to put things right.

Were you able to correct the author on your recs page for "Visiting Hours" so it's credited to lilysaid?

I received an email from teh author--I assume--asking me to make the change, but no, I haven't tried to log in to edit since I got the email. However, I did assure her I would change it.

My pet theory is that Ba'al is behind it somehow. He is the one Goauld with access to cloning technolgy, and boy he is not afraid to use it. So he probably cloned everyone in Atlantis (got the genetic material through some Trust's agent infiltrated in Atlantis, since he is the Trust leader. Of course, that doesn't explain Summer. Unless he had some ADN from before or is in league with the Wraith. Scary that). My idea is that they are trying to attack the real Atlantis and captured John because without him the plan cannot work. The drug might have screw up with his memories and/or they are using behavioural modification on him. The latest Rodney is the real Rodney, the one before him probably was a clone with a symbiot inside or something similar. This doesn't explain why they don't know about the Athosians.

The other theory (though not the favourite) is that it is all happening inside John's head, in a similar system to the one from Aurora and the Wreith are trying to extract the codes to break in Atlantis from him. Rodney has somehow managed to insert himself in the system like he did before and can change some things and bring in new people like Teyla to help him convince John of the truth. For whatever reason they cannot just tell him, although that's why I find this theory not as satisfactory.

Of course, I'm looking forward to the real story, but speculating about is fun.

I *love* speculation.

Okay, so--I like yours, there, with the drugs. The behavior stuff is kind of interesting--I mean, otuside the neck snapping for sexual assault (what did he kill the other two people for?) I think you may be right. Because if he's a clone, why the hell do they want ot keep him in the walls of the city and away from the gate? What's going to happen? Why would the mention of a Goa'uld drug--hmm. If he was Jaffa once, that would explain the drug but not where he's from. And it doesn't specifically say that he's *not* aged a little, so he *could* be Refraction John. Maybe.

There are two Rodneys working here. And the later Rodney replaced/killed the other Rodney maybe? So why did the first Rodney say Sumner was a hallucination? I--God, all the pieces I just know if I think hard enough they'll *fit*.

Thing is--why did John black out when rodney mentioned the drug? There's some kind of keyword thing programmed in as well.

*rubs forehead* Seriously. I love this story.

My current thoughts are that this John is our John, and that Rodney and Teyla have come to rescue him. Sumner is Goa'uld, and the marines he brought along either Jaffa or young Goa'uld.

I think Zelenka doesn't have glasses because he's carrying a symbiote too.

One of the things playing at the back of my mind is when Kalowski got overtaken with an immature Goa'uld symbiote, and how it could only take over the guy occasionally, strengthening as it got more mature. If John has an immature symbiote in him, it would explain the white outs (triggered by the mention of tretonin) and the struggle he's having with whatever the infection is (or symbiote or whatever) he's got.

So, spinning a bunch of things here, someone is attempting to clone symbiotes, like the ones used for creating tretonin, as they have no queen. They plan on then taking over Atlantis, which is why they really want John's knowledge, and have given him some of the immature, experimental symbiotes in order to gain access to that information. But the creatures aren't strong enough to completely take over our John.

Enter, you know, the team and the rescue attempt. If could still be a sequel to refraction, only their own John is dead.

Just, you know, speculating here.

*bounces* Ooh. *OOH*.

This. This makes me happy.

I will think more and add clever comemnts after work, when I'm not in the happy place. *bounces* Clones. That also kind fo explains why Rodney can't tell John anything. I think.

*bouncing more*

I worship your speculation...

Because, honestly? I haven't got a frikkin clue...

Please, speculate on~~~

I've been wondering -- needing medicine every morning is very Michael -- could Sheppard be jammed into a Wraith body? Maybe half Wraith like Ford?

Thanks for rec'ing Deflection. (And stop mentioning the Smallville I-story, 'kay?)

I'm wondering how many of them might be Goa'uld. "Sumner" (who can't be Sumner if John remembers shooting him, but ... could he be a clone? A Goa'uld and a clone?) just gets wronger all the time. But I'm thinking Carson, Simpson and Zelenka could be Goa'uld. The Goa'uld are known for infighting and jocking for power/position, even amongst themselves, so Sumner could be making things difficult for the others for his own reasons. And the thing that makes me wonder it most is Zelenka functioning so well without his glasses. Because a Goa'uld host (per SG-1 canon) would no longer need glasses and "his glasses got lost somewhere" seems like a simple but effective cover story, but someone who wears glasses all the time won't necessarily function well without them. Personal testimony on that, btw - sometimes I feel like I can't hear right without my glasses, I lose track of things happening around me, since I need to take them off for close work and/or reading (not counting reading on computer), I can't concentrate on anything not close work/reading without them on....

Are they trying to get him (John) to plan an assault on *Atlantis*, maybe? Though how they're getting cooperation from Rodney, I don't know. If there is a Goa'uld thing going on, Goa'ulds can tell whether or not somebody else has a symbiote, or even only once had a symbiote. But the "plan to assault another city" thing just sounds like they're really after Atlantis.

But, still, Rodney's involvement doesn't fit into that scenario easily. I just ...
*flails* Need. More. Information! (or story installments)

And I need to go watch my tape of the second half of House, too...

I see wickedwords also suspects Radek has a symbiote. That's what I get for not reading all the other comments before responding to you. No, more than that, it's what I get for not refreshing the page with the post on it since I pulled it up before dinner....

I came back for the deflection thoughts (and I'm totally stumped but like most of your commenters don't think the clone thing's true, thoug i'm having trouble seeing how Sumner could be even a Goauld...could he be one of those replicator thingies???)but stayed for the rec thoughts...i agree on all 5 parts which is why I tend to trust your recs all the way. In factr, I think my recs are fairly similar, esp. since I pretty much simply use them for myself to find things I want to reread or that I need to be able to refernce (the Immortality type fic)

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