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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - second skin by toft
Second Skin by toft_froggy -- I--well, that was hot. I--yeah. It's possibly the best fic that involves crossdressing and lipstick ever written. I admit prejudice--the concept of John in lipstick pretty much shorts out all higher brain function--but this one has everything. Fantastic characterization, a wonderful progression of how events fall out, Rodney being himself so much I could *see this*, and both of them freaked out beyond words.

I mean, it's hot, yes, but it's also incredible. Cookie icon for convincing me I could see this on-screen. I literally have read it five times already.

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I read that through yesterday or the day before. I don't have a crossdressing kink or even a guy-in-lipstick one, but it pressed lots of buttons. It was the intensity that made it OMGraaaaawrHOT. And the nail on the head in-character as well.

This fandom is so insanely GOOD at this stuff. *flails* ^_^ I need to read that through again before i leave for chicago. *wanders off to do so*

Yes! Damn. That--the entire story, it barely slows down, just rush rush rush--intense and fast and yes. That is the word of the day. Intense.

And the characterization was perfect. God yes.

YES. And have I abjectly thanked you yet for pimping this to me? (although you probably figured it out from me flailing at you)

*still in the omg place* YEah. I'm totally there.

People are apparently reccing it all over the place - it's exceeded bandwidth. T.T

Wow. That's--that is a *lot* of hits.

Actually, the fifth of so person to comment already said that it had exceeded bandwidth -- that can't possibly have been all that many hits yet. It went up again after that. I suspect it's to a big part just geocities sucking a lot. Not that the story isn't going to generate a lot of traffic, too, because it's brilliant.

I still can't quite get over how much people like this story when I'd got to a place when I just hated it by the time I posted it, because it had taken so much out of me. But, yeah, totally worth it *g*. Thanks.


Once you hit "John in lipstick pretty--" I was GONE. To the story, that is. Once my brain stopped spitting sparks at the image.

So, thanks for the rec. ;)

I wanted to comment last night but LJ was being all sorts of wonky :(

Anyway - OMG! Yes, very hot. I read this one the other day and discovered my newest kink - Cross-dressing!John. John in lipstick is oh so pretty an image *sigh*

you know i read this yesterday and then looked for you online cause i was just like, Jenn would like this, but you weren't on. i'm glad you found it on your own.

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