Seperis (seperis) wrote,

update to recs page

Updated my rec page with 66 new recs (literally, I counted here), mostly Sheppard/McKay, some gen, some Sheppard/Ronon, one Sheppard/Ford. If anyone, anyone can remember who wrote that John/Cameron one, in the name of God, hit reply and show me where it is.

*fingers hurt* It was supposed to be a flat one hundred. Yeah. My fingers gave out big time. *moves remainder to empty doc for next time* I think I fixed all the links and titles, but if you see any mistakes--especially if it is your story--seriously, again, reply, email, whatever.

And yes. That is that.

Dear God, my fingers are cramping up.

ETA: Make that sixty-seven recs and added Sheppard/Mitchell. God I love that story so much. Now done! Yay! Thanks, birdsflying
Tags: webpage updates
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