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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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update to recs page
children of dune - leto 1
Updated my rec page with 66 new recs (literally, I counted here), mostly Sheppard/McKay, some gen, some Sheppard/Ronon, one Sheppard/Ford. If anyone, anyone can remember who wrote that John/Cameron one, in the name of God, hit reply and show me where it is.

*fingers hurt* It was supposed to be a flat one hundred. Yeah. My fingers gave out big time. *moves remainder to empty doc for next time* I think I fixed all the links and titles, but if you see any mistakes--especially if it is your story--seriously, again, reply, email, whatever.

And yes. That is that.

Dear God, my fingers are cramping up.

ETA: Make that sixty-seven recs and added Sheppard/Mitchell. God I love that story so much. Now done! Yay! Thanks, birdsflying

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Oooooh yeah. *hugs you hard* THANK YOU!

More SGA recs! You are the hero of my day!

Yay! Lots of lovely SGA recs. *squee*

I totally echo the others!!

Your recs are outstanding... only taking 2nd place to YOUR writing!

thank you. very nice recs. i like your taste.

you know, the weird thing is, every damn *one* of them has Sheppard. I mean, I must have known my preference was that strong? but it did not hit me until I started working out the pairings. Sheppard is, apparently, my happy place.

Thank you! *hugs*

Happy, you have made me. If all new-to-a-fandom fans had you, the world would be a better place...

Thanks, sweetie!

And I forgot to answer your other comment, but whee! Welcome to SGA! I'm so, so, *so* glad you came over! *hugs hard*

See with SGA I haven't read any badfic because of there are great rec pages (like yours omg, I love it.) Apparently there are just only wonderful stories in SGAland

*nonds firmly* as far as I am concerned? Yes. Yes there are.

Eeee, there are fics here I haven't read. *bounces*


Hee! Hope you enjoy yourself! I was re-reading too.

Thank you! More recs! This is wonderful for a fairly new SGA addict.

And also - I LOVE all your stories - I can't even say which one I love the most, they're all great. (Well, perhaps Sleep While I Drive, but that's another fandom - which I don't even watch, but that's how much I love that one...)

I'm not much good at giving feedback outside lj, so here's mucho love pressed into one comment... :)

*hugs* Thank you very much. And I hope you enjoy the recs!

I've been popping in and out of your LJ for a few months now - the sublime Teacher's Pet being the reason, so when I checked in today and saw you had a Recs Page, I visited it and then found your Voyager index. OMIGOD - you are Jenn, THE Jenn - when I first got internet access (cough cough, at work) I was seriously into Voyager (well, Paris if I'm totally honest) and I avidly followed any work I found by you.

And now... you're writing SGA - my latest interest. If I had an autograph book, I would totally ask for your autograph!

Hopefully you won't mind if I friend you to keep updated. (Wanders off to bore family rigid about the wonder that is LJ...)

I am trying to get over the "THE Jenn" bit. Cause wow. That is--actually fantastically good for my ego, but also possibly bad. But I will quote this at people when they disagree with me from now on. Just to see.

And--oh, you know my Voyager stuff? Wow. Okay, that is *cool*. *bounces* Were you on PTFever or ASC or ASCEML or JuPiter or where? Or the J/C lists of many, many variations? Tell me tell me tell me! *bounces*

And hey, welcome to my lj! *hugs* I'm so glad to meet you. Did you write in Voyager or were you a reader? *curious* Tell me things.

OOOOH. Recs galore! *cue Miracle Max voice*

I just want to thank you for your rec page. I seem to have the same taste in fic you do, because these are the best recs ever ;-) Thanks!!

*hee* Awesome. Thanks so much!

Worships you for your rec pages and now *wants* pain to wake me at 4.30am so I have an excuse to read.


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