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rec - Ripples in the Space Between by miriel

Hmm. . A mea culpa moment.

Okay, this series--it's so not my usual style. I'm not a huge fan of the epistolatory (so?) writing, I'm seriously not a huge fan of OC's being the voice, and I'm *really* not a fan of the format at all.

Now, I'm saying this because I want to explain why I was stupid and didn't read it when it started posting. It didn't appeal, I skipped, then I got home and svmadelyn is like, I AM BUSY GO AWAY. Oh, I said. Okay, it wasn't like that, something about homework and not failing and it's not that I'm not okay with not failing, it's that I have no one to keep me occupied.

That was a digression.

Ripples in the Space Between by mardahin. I actually read it middle to end to beginning, and then went back to do it chronologically. It's told from the POV of an OC scientist brought on the Daedalus, covering a bit over a year in Atlantis in the first part, three years later on the second, and the third covering the same period of time as the second but from a different pov. It's *interesting*, and I don't say this lightly, viewing Atlantis from the equivalent of a Lower Decks person, to use Voyager terminology. I would give--God--a LOT to get this more fleshed out other than in glimpses, but on its own, it's a marvelous and original story, and I really didn't expect to become this engrossed. The author's done a fabulous job in putting this together. The OC is a ob/gyn, dealing with medical, along with pregnancy rays, mpreg, and assorted, but it manages to be funny without being comedy, and very much how I imagine that the non-main characters of SGA must feel. This is a very, very good story, and again, my only wish would be for the author to go back and fill in all the history between the first and second story, flesh out the fascinating changes that occurred in those three years.

So yeah. Big fun. Happy. I mean, I'm abandoned and all, and not that I want A Certain Person to feel guilty or anything, but you know, this almost made up for it.
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