Seperis (seperis) wrote,

i am so very bored

On Mood

A very useful barometer of my mood is my fic reading habits. I'm more likely to read stuff I'm already aware I will *hate* when in a bad mood, so as to have the opportunity of being vicious without being fair, and being able to blame it on my life-killing grumpiness when tsked for it. It's a thing. I read three today I knew I would hate. Yes. These are not good odds.

Rabbit Rollerderby

Two more days of bonding led to:

a.) Eight new scratches, reinfection of two more.
b.) Having to wear long sleeves in eighty degree heat because while my vanity could deal, I seriously could not think of any reasonable reason that I had scratches like this that wouldn't lead to someone trying to give me time off to see a therapist.
3.) Trimming all claws on the Seperis Warren. As expected, Reggie did the most pure damage, Waffles was kind of appalled at the necessity, Sloppy was certain we were trying to kill him, and Bryante looked up at me with huge, betrayed eyes, since during the earlier stages of bonding, we'd had a Moment.

When I say rabbit rollerderby, I'm mostly not joking. All that was missing was the skates. Following a signal invisible to mere humans, the rabbits would suddenly break into rapidly running around teh pen with me sitting in the middle. There was nipping and wrong directions and mid-air collisions that are absolutely impossible to describe because I'm still not sure why any sane rabbit stops, turns around, and starts running the opposite direction. In a circular pen, it never ends well. It was like Nascar, but furrier. Bryante, in a fit of sociability, would get bored adn climb into my lap, which he has never done before, allowing me the privilege of petting him.

I really, honestly believe that if I hadn't had to cut down his nails, this would be progress.


I need brownies. So much. I am so going to commit something terrible and paperclip related soon. Argh. Or maybe check the vending machine for new chocolate. Hmm.
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