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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i am so very bored
children of dune - leto 1
On Mood

A very useful barometer of my mood is my fic reading habits. I'm more likely to read stuff I'm already aware I will *hate* when in a bad mood, so as to have the opportunity of being vicious without being fair, and being able to blame it on my life-killing grumpiness when tsked for it. It's a thing. I read three today I knew I would hate. Yes. These are not good odds.

Rabbit Rollerderby

Two more days of bonding led to:

a.) Eight new scratches, reinfection of two more.
b.) Having to wear long sleeves in eighty degree heat because while my vanity could deal, I seriously could not think of any reasonable reason that I had scratches like this that wouldn't lead to someone trying to give me time off to see a therapist.
3.) Trimming all claws on the Seperis Warren. As expected, Reggie did the most pure damage, Waffles was kind of appalled at the necessity, Sloppy was certain we were trying to kill him, and Bryante looked up at me with huge, betrayed eyes, since during the earlier stages of bonding, we'd had a Moment.

When I say rabbit rollerderby, I'm mostly not joking. All that was missing was the skates. Following a signal invisible to mere humans, the rabbits would suddenly break into rapidly running around teh pen with me sitting in the middle. There was nipping and wrong directions and mid-air collisions that are absolutely impossible to describe because I'm still not sure why any sane rabbit stops, turns around, and starts running the opposite direction. In a circular pen, it never ends well. It was like Nascar, but furrier. Bryante, in a fit of sociability, would get bored adn climb into my lap, which he has never done before, allowing me the privilege of petting him.

I really, honestly believe that if I hadn't had to cut down his nails, this would be progress.


I need brownies. So much. I am so going to commit something terrible and paperclip related soon. Argh. Or maybe check the vending machine for new chocolate. Hmm.

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Eight new scratches, reinfection of two more.


if you're interested, someone just posted a bunch of pretty rabbit icons over here.

If Ripley the Cat wasn't relatively well-behaved, we could be comparing scars right now. She's a polydactyl cat with 7 toes on each front paw and 6 on each back paw. And boy, she hates having her feet messed with. My wonderful sister-in-law was over a few nights ago and I enlisted her to be the Bad Cop in the Great Claw Trimming. By the end, with all the squalling and twisting, you'd think we were killing her. And I still wasn't able to get the weird nail on one of her front feet that doesn't retract and likes to grow in a curlique. Maybe next time. But at least she isn't getting stuck on the carpet any more.
Eighty degrees? We wish. My weather-thingine on my desktop reads NINETY-SEVEN. I will have to suck it up and turn on the AC when I get home. Ick.

I will overnight you dozens of homemade brownies if you'll hurry with the finale of Landscape...pretty please??

*consoles herself with the fact there is lots and lots of Jenn's SV fanfic she hasn't read yet*

I'm still not sure why any sane rabbit stops, turns around, and starts running the opposite direction.

I think it's a Lewis Carroll thing, you wouldn't understand it.

I also think you should buy a nice pair of protective *rabbitskin* gloves to wear when you enter the thunderdome... to larn them what happens to those who do not do as they are told!

why any sane rabbit stops, turns around, and starts running in the opposite direction. Er... I'd say because it's funny to watch but I'm pretty sure mine don't do it for my amusement alone. They get an hour or so out loose in the backyard everyday - they run round like nuts while we sit and laugh.
Here for the porn originally, but the rabbits are fun too.

I really enjoy your rabbit updates, so much so that I'm beginning to think of you when other rabbit related things come up. I wish I knew how to post a photo to this live journal entry. My boss brought me a photo the Monday after Easter of a 22lb 3ft long rabbit. It's huge,his paws look like the size of dinner plates. The first thing I thought of was...Oh wouldn't seperis love to see this. See you rabbit posts are never far from my thoughts. Keep writing, I'll keep reading and looking for ways to get the monster rabbit photo to you.

rather than focusing on the negative, concentrate on the positive. you could have this bunny:

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