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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - Recovery by ltlj
I put it off because I'm a huge hypocrite about WIPS--I mean, sure I read them, I just totally pretend I do not.

Recovery by ltlj - I--this is one of those times I just can't figure out what to say about it. It's the sequel to Retrograde, it's this sprawling, beautiful, fantastically written SGA AU. And it's one of those stories I'll carry with me for freaking *ever*, saved in my hard drive, that I'll measure all fic against. It's perfect. It's action and adventure and so much perfect characterization my teeth would hrut if they didn't already for the, yes, dental work I just had. It's just--God. I can't even put it into words. It pissed me off and made me cry and happy and inspired me and I just fell in love with SGA all over again, like I wasn't already its whore, but it's--I'm never going to say this right, okay? I just want to have an icon better than cookies to symbolize *how much* this story rocked.

I'm going to just think how supremely happy, how utterly fulfilled I am, and go with that. I'm *high*. It's wonderful. It's probably the very best fic I've read in this fandom. It's one of the top I've read in any, ever.

Cookies are inadequate, but I'll go with what I have. If I ever make a list of the top ten fics in this fandom that I think everyone should read, and I'm actually pretentious enough to try, this is the first. Well, this and Retrograde together. Yeah. I'm happy.

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*seconds that so hard* It's just--John. I keep wanting to make one comment after another to her entry with "Oh and also--" *happy sighs*

YES! YES YES YES. I had all these lines I read that were perfect and all that wonderful John-ness and the fabulous ensemble quality and God. God.

Oh man, after I finished, I--I had the biggest yearning to read fic where John gets cuddles. Like--no other plot necessary. No sex necessary. John. Hugging. Possibly suspicious glares from huggee to hugger. He deserves it, ok? Christ. I think I will down off the high from this story... some time next week? month?

Next year. And yes, John needs hugs. Lots of them. Nice, comforting good touch and a foot massage and brownies and days in bed just, you know, decompressing. With his team, so he feels secure. Like a giant Atlantis slumberparty. With popcorn. And all falling asleep in a happy, comforted pile.

I am just in that place. *sighs happily*

See, that would be my favorite kind of story, where there was some kind of canon reason that they had to have a slumber party and sleep in one spot. If they ever did that on the show, I would probably pass out, then wear out my computer making screencaps.

Retrograde & Recovery = best canon reason ever. *huge puppy eyes* Really!*nods furiously* (will leave you alone after this because heavy prodding is probably bad form--possibly even rude! But, seriously,) Name your price.

You and me *both*. God. The *sceencaps*.

*facepalm* By which I mean, it would be so cool if there were a story like that post-Recovery and I would draw you such gleeful fanart, but of course, you should write what you want. Seriously, sometimes I don't think I should be allowed out in public. *beetles off to get groceries*

No, no, you're absolutely fine! Don't worry.

YES. OMG YES. *snuggles poor unsuspecting cat*

And now it is my turn to second your words. *grins*

*snorts in your general direction*

Okay, sounds interesting. One I haven't come across before so I'm off to find it *g* Mucho thanks

You won't regret it. If SGA was a quarter this good, I would never leave my TV again, ever.

Well, cool, thanks! That's a fantastic rec and it's making me blush. :)

*grins* It's a perfect story and it's making me bitterly bitterly envious, but in a good, life-affirming, re-read a few thousand times way. It's beautiful. Thank you so much for postint it.


Now *that* is an icon.

Also making me hungry. Hmm.

Oddly it came from the same advert break as Aladdin!John.
Feel free to snag.

Ooh, thank you! *hugs*

Oh again with the I found the new link. Yes, I got a tad obsessive (I've made it through 2005 and all of 2006 I believe) with your recs and went on a weeks long reading binge as I recover from some cracked ribs and torn muscles... (blackberry's are a gift not to be overlooked) - any way ltlj's lj was deleted but she has a website :) The entire Retrograde 'verse is here

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