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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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The Thirteen Challenge
children of dune - leto 1
I am the worst challenge-assistant *ever*.

The Thirteen Challenge hosted at svmadelyn's LJ.

We've decided to take turns playing hostess, and so there will be challenges we've always wanted to issue that are smaller in size, but all under the same...umbrella theme here of "Make April Be Not-So-Boring". Next one will be up on Jenn's after this one ends Friday at midnight wherever you are.

Because I like to continue in my tradition of lame names, we'll just call this first one the Thirteen Challenge. slodwick and spaggel sparked the idea for this one very inadvertently, actually, so. Sorry to--um, associate you both with it, just being honest!

Your first April challenge, the Thirteen Challenge, is as follows:

Turn your favorite (or not so favorite, whatever, semantics) Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville, or Supernatural character(s) into any of the thirteen following:

Evil overlord
Siren (Yes, from the Greek myth.)
Vampire or some other demon
World Class Player of Something (Poker, Chess, Baccarat, whatever.)

I know I left out several things that feel as though they should be grouped here (mermaids, gangsters, hit men, hookers, elves, pirates, rock stars, etc.), but it's not a Thirteen Challenge for nothing, people.

Minimum word count is 100. Manips/fanart are welcomed for this one. Anything that makes me laugh the hardest or go OOOH (so no, does not need to be funny, can just be, you know, cool) "wins", so yeah, this is totally a subjective challenge here, people. Comment here with your entry, or comment with a link to it.

Winner gets a $5 gift certificate to either LJ or Amazon (if they have those?) and ETERNAL GLORY. That's RIGHT. Jenn might pick a favorite too for the hell of it, but that doesn't get you eternal glory or anything but a nice glow that Jenn likes you, she really likes you.


Anyway, it's a forty-eight hour challenge wiht twenty-four hours left. Go crazy. Go wild. Have fun. *grins* Write.

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Ok, I wrote something. It's only my second fic and really don't want to post it if it sucks beyond all reason and would really like someone to beta. Is there anyone here that could beta a J/R SGA fic before I post it for the challenge?

Send it to me. jenn at thegateway.net. I can do it fast. I'm on AIM as JenntheMerry

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