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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i should get more coffee. hmm.
children of dune - leto 1
I--did this thing? Which we will discuss another day, when I'm far, far less ashamed of myself. But.

His name is--oh God, I can't believe I'm writing this--Mr. Waffles, he's a Lion-head, apricot, and he might eventually like me. He's also, compared to the rest of the Seperis Warren, huge.

Seriously. I'm just--not going there. But yes, where there were three rabbits there are now four. Pictures forthcoming--I have them on my computer, but I dont' have an editing program, so I'll look for one tomorrow and try to get decent cuts. He *sat in my lap*. I cant' say he liked me but he sat in my lap and I have no new scars! This is indeed celebration time.

musesfool's Meme

I have no idea where she got it, but it looked cool and so, there you have it.

Ten Things I've Learned About Writing (The Lazy Remix): A Completely Impractical Guide to How Jenn Functions

1.) There's no such thing as a stupid idea. Ever. We prove that *every day*.

2.) Love what you create. Love that you can create it at all. It's you, your word processing program and/or notebook, pen/keyboard, and a universe to explore. It can be great or it can suck. But it's yours and you *made* it.

3.) It's fun. Wallow in it. Revel in it. Take it for drinks and molest it if that's what it takes, but never forget that it's writing, and it's art, and it's the best high you will ever have.

4.) Take incredibly stupid chances. Style, pov, narrative voice, hell, *verb tense*, plot point, characterization, whatever. Go crazy. Say you'll write a story without the letter e. I dare you. You might fail a lot--hell, you *will* fail a lot. Don't give a shit. Do it anyway.

5.) Spellcheck will always be your best friend. So not kidding.

6.) Write once about a character you hate sympathetically. Then kill them in the next story to make up for it. We call that therapy. Helps. Or at least, it's really fun to try, don't you think?

7.) Ignore the thick skin thing on critique. Take it personally. Cry to your best friend online about it. Hate the critic for as long as it takes for your ego to unbruise. Apply chocolate and porn. Compose a scathing reply. Then DELETE IT and move on. Trust me. This works.

8.) You will never write the perfect story, no matter what you do. But sometimes, you'll get it *right*. That's better.

9.) Call them muses. Say you hear voices. Tell everyone about your conversational stuffed animals that tell you what to write. Talk about your process like a relgious experience. Because sometimes, it is. And it's a lot more fun that way, don't you think?

10.) There are people better than you, whatever. There are many who are *so much worse*. Seriously. Go read them when you get discouraged. It helps.

Now this set.

Here are the things I never forget.

When I'm online, I remember; two messageboards I wish I'd never seen, ten hate threads I'd give almost anything to forget, one nightmarish mailing list thread I will neve forgive, more pure negativity that I can count, every fucking *second* of my last three months in X-Men, and the chick who taught me how to hate someone so much that I would flame her off the internet if I had the chance. The friends I lost. The betas I lost. These are the things that taught me what my ethics had to be and how thick a skin I had to create.

I never stop hearing my worst critics. No one does. They are there with every word I write, every story I post, every time I open an email, every time I read feedback. I will never stop hearing these things: my tense choice sucks, my characterization sucks, my plotlines suck, my style sucks, my tone sucks, some English term I dont' even know what the hell it *means* sucks. I write badly, I can't write at all, I should stop, I should go terrorize another fandom, I should stop writing.

I haven't stopped. You won't, either. That is the only thing I've learned that's worth knowing.

Is it time for an intervention?

This makes four rabbits in how many months?! *boggles*

You know those animal collectors you see in the news who have 78 cats and they're everywhere and the owner is going nuts trying to care for them? Yeah. I was just thinking about that. No reason. *Cough* That said? Can't wait for the pics. Lionhead bunnies are adorable, especially when they're babies.

Also, I always love reading my favorite authors thoughts on the writing process. Nice.

Re: Is it time for an intervention?

Even number! EVEN NUMBER! NO ONE GETS OSTRACIZED! I have *logic*. And also, Mr. Waffles (blushes hard, breathes) lets me touch him without serious injury. This is of the good.

*sunny smile* No more rabbits. None.

I kind of worship at your altar. This is... yeah. The list of things I'm coming to learn, a bit at a time. I didn't write anything creatively between elementary school and college. There's a lot I never picked up about sharing creatively, but I'm slowly waking up.

Biggest, shiniest lesson: I really do love words. Mine and otherwise.

Newest lesson: it's not bad to let it hurt when something isn't liked. Still working on that one, but showing promise.

Thanks for putting it all in words. Also, good luck with Mr. Waffles. Even if you are insane. *g*

*hugs* Love the words. Yes. *hugs more*

1) Lionhead rabbits have traumatized be for life, along with angoras because when I worked at the Humane Society I had to de-mat 2 of each.

2) I hear and understand about wanting to forget. I was run out of my very first fandom after four years because I committed the cardinal sin of *wanting* concrit on my stories, along with a few other authors, which lead to a massive, hate-filled string of message board posts and e-mails which have soured me to this day towards the books upon which the fandom was based.

3) Thank you for terrorizing the SGA fandom. I remember running across your X-Men stuff way back in the day and then rediscovering you in Smallville and when I saw you were writing SGA I was completely ecstatic. I like terror in my life; so, you know, thanks.

oh wow. *hugs* I am *so sorry*. That--I can imagine it? And I'm glad I never went through it. I wish you hadn't either. *sighs and hugs*

And *hugs* more. For fun.

Whoa. Four of them? Wow.

But yes on the writing thing. Writing can be a load of fun.

Okay, one? Thank you for this. It's awesome, and I'm inspired to maybe get my ass in gear and finish something. Posting's another motivational step entirely.

And, two: *gazes at you solemnly* Smudged upon the near horizon, lapine shadows in the mist. Like a doomsday vision from Watership Down, the bunny intervention approaches.

*twitches* God, you are all so *un-understanding!* This is my gift! Rabbit love! Or you know, grudging rabbit tolerance. *g*

10.) There are people better than you, whatever. There are many who are *so much worse*. Seriously. Go read them when you get discouraged. It helps.

Heh. Word. I do that with art. It is so true and really works.

And wow. Another rabbit? Where do you put it, I mean, don't you need a larger cage for more rabbits? (Or have they just taken over the house by now? And are you sure the rabbits aren't using mind control techniques on you to get you acquire more rabbits for their undoubtedly wicked secret agenda? *g*) Also how were you sure he'd get along with the rest? But I can't wait to see photos of him. And his character seems promising if he already let you hold him.

Two cages and a large pen for after work and night.

...mind control? *Thoughtful* I so would't be surprised.

I haven't stopped. You won't, either. That is the only thing I've learned that's worth knowing.

Yes, yes and yes.
For every critic, there exists an equal-and-opposite reader who enjoys your writing no matter what you do (and no matter what kind of crack your characters have been smoking.) I think your writing is beautiful; it's free and unbounded. There are no rules. It's really just lovely.

Also. FOUR rabbits? I swore it was only a second ago when there were only three. Or two. At this rate, the number will be increasing exponentially shortly. *terrified*

*giggles* Yes. There is always a reader who loves what you write. I try to alwasy remmber that.

I freaking love this list. I'm going to print it and tape it on my wall so the next time I'm about to wuss out on steampunk fic, I won't and I'll finally be happy to have written the fic I've always wanted to write but feel stupid for even trying. And god, yes #8. I don't feel like I've ever gotten there yet, but I get closer every time I try, and that's what'll keep me going. *squishes you*



*hugs* Number eight--yes. Yes. And yes.

I love the way you think about/approach writing, hon.

Spell check ain't gonna be your best friend if you write a story without the letter "e".

I'm just sayin! =)

Well, there's this book someone wrote, or so legend at the last slumberpary states, that had no letter e, which I assume means no words with the letter e.

I have *no clue* how they pulled that off. Nor do I really want to. There are too many words involving e that I like. Like, say *the*.

Mr. Waffles

"I had a rabbit," John said.

"What is a rabbit?" Teyla asked.

"A psychotic, deceptively cute killer, they are covered in fur and just lie in wait so they can gnaw on you with their sharp, pointy teeth!"

"I kind of liked them," John glared at Rodney, "Mr. Waffles was not psychotic."

"You named a rabbit Mr. Waffles?"

"You have a problem with that? Or don't you think it goes well with Mr. Fuzzybutt?"

"I hate you so much."

*smriks* this could so be in the teacher's pet future. *grins*

You know, when they say "breed like rabbits" I thought they meant there was sex involved. Now I see that it is just a matter of your wallet!


Also - I thought I would use the meme thing with my writing class this summer until i got to # 7 and the application of porn and chocolate.


I shall have to edit it before I use it!

Rabbits are tricky little things. Clearly they are seducing you to the dark side. One day, like Gregor Samsa, you will wake up and find you have turned into a giant cockroach rabbit.

I have nightmares like that.

Does apricot mean orange? Cos we redheads Rule and the fact he sat on your lap proves it.

Number 7 Compose a scathing reply. Then DELETE IT and move on.
I - er - well - I used to post them to myself but now I post them in my journal for my eyes only. I need to *hit* send.
I have this sudden urge to take you up on 4 (Why did you have to make it a dare dammit?)

More like caramel, really, with single threads of dark brown and lighter platinum. *Pretty*.

Ooh. A story without e? I so want to see this.