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I'm zenning along. *sighs* Nothing interesting going on here. Consider this the Big Link Zone. To other, interesting people who are not me staring at Word thinking, wow, Lucas and Lex just looks better every day.

Going. To. Hell.


Moose and Squirrel by basingstoke. There really ISN'T enough Chloe and Pete fic out there. And damn, they are cute when they're well-written. Set during Chloe's internship over the summer, Pete and Chloe get more than friendly.

Damn, if only this would happen in canon.

At the Wire by serrico. Doctor Hamiltonfic! He's creepy and strange and the entire story is surreal and damn GOOD. Some seriously haunting imagery wanders to and fro in here.

The man is insane. And Jayne does a fabulous job showing it.

Delilah by harriet_spy. I KNOW I read this a long time ago but can't remember when that was, but hey, always fun to run across a fic you love. Martha working for Lionel has brought up a lot of different issues in fandom, not least of which is Lionel's--thing for Martha that becomes most clear in Insurgence. I like this story because in a very intimate way, Martha becomes aware both of his attraction to her and, at least somewhat, her attraction to him, all in one second. Not to mention the man is beautifully manipulative and Sarah T's good at keeping it both dark and subtle.

Lex on the Beach by slodwick. Okay, so it's not het or gen, but I never read it before! For which I feel remarkably dumb. But okay. Pretty, pretty, HOT Lex pov PWP. On a beach. Voyeurism for fun. Yes. Very happy.

After Time by slodwick. This I loved. Bittersweet, painful, soft, and the kind of thing that makes me get misty. *sighs* It's just so beautiful. Poor Clark. Poor, poor Clark, dreaming a memory of what should have been, almost.

On Something Like Being Single by hackthis. A beautiful, stylish, almos rhythmic story about Lex and loneliness. Except not exactly. Just read. You'll see.

Coming Clean by hackthis. Clark does confessions at the oddest times. Very fun read.

Fever Recaps

Just a quick listing of who has been actively chatting so far and I've had a chance to read.

scriblinlenore really doesn't think the ep was that bad here.

thamiris brings out the snark here. If we all vote, can we get this episode de-canonized?

lexcorp_hope analyzes and still finds little to celebrate here.

djinanna doesn't hate the episode that much here.

tstar78 waxes poetic on the shortcomings here.

alax is slightly upbeat here.

northernsky_ tells every character what she thinks of them here.

poisoninjest does some picking here.

emrinalexander is seriously funny here.

serricoblinks in shock at the bizarrity of it all here.



Still slightly bitter about episode, but some quality time iconizing Lucas helped. No, it does.

This is my way of dealing with badwrong episodes--badwrong pairing! Yet strangely attractive. Take if you like.

Spam Report

Web filters showed nine hundred something spam since I last checked. Okay. I still average twenty spam a day in my inbox. I still have no desire for either breast enhancement, a growing penis, any sort of credit card, any award, underage porn, Brittany Spears in any state of undress, hovercraft toys, or in fact, anything mentioned.

You think by now they would use headers like "Clark and Lex Naked!". THAT would get my attention. Hovercraft? Not so much.

I need to think of something creative to do with my spam. Hmmm....
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