Seperis (seperis) wrote,

insta!rec - Planet Megalodon Wraith Defense Force (cool title!)

Okay, so happiness can continue for *days*, apparently.

Next up on Jenn's Favoritest People Ever In the Universe Forever (like eleveninches) comes pentapus, who is just the coolest person *ever*.

Oh *wow*.

Planet Megalodon Wraith Defense Force by pentapus, which also wins for coolest title in history, gen-ish teamfic, with sharks and magical squares and God, Rodney the healthiest of the bunch, and it's like being at Schlitterbaun--or a waterpark, for those of you who have never experienced the wonder of Schlitterbaun--but the funnest Schlitterbaun ever. And you will totally understand the comparison when you read. Second season, pre-Runner, post Siege III (roughly) and so so so so cool I can't even stand it.

Read and love and give her puppies. Really. Or fish. I think she likes fish.

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Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2006
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