Seperis (seperis) wrote,

you know, this is what i do when i have hit rock bottom boredom

Okay, now my official, hi new friendpeople! You have friended me. Frankly, I have no idea why. Unless it's because of Crimes Against Humanity, which I mean, it's a long, long orgy of bloodlust and death and sex and sometimes plot, so yeah, I get that. Yay us! God I love the internet.

But I feel I should introduce myself. I am jenn, seperis, or both. I have three rabbits. My son has a bearded dragon. These things are the drama of my life. Occasionally, I talk about work. Mostly, I talk about how bored I am. I'm bored a lot.

1.) My natural state is lazy and status quo. These are broken by brief, intense, and creepy periods of high activity, high energy, and sometimes, hysterics. My default answer to anything will be maybe. That acutally usually means no, unless you say "Would you write Sheppard killing a planet?" Then I'll say, yes.

2.) Occasionally, I'll be interesting. I try to avoid doing that too often; it feels like false advertising.

3.) Don't flame in my lj. Unless you have my permission, or the person you are flaming is really annoying and is not me. Or you know me so well that you know that number one up there will usually take over and I'll never get around to reprimanding you. I might whimper. It happens.

4.) I like coffee, chocolate, and cookies. And by like, i mean, obsesed with. I have an icon devoted to cookies. I mean, really.

5.) One day I will finally do the post Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From Fandom. These things include some creative Latin, body part names I never knew existed before, and an ability to know on sight in any given kitchen exactly what can and cannot be used for lube.

One day, I'll get over reading that fic about the self-lubing penis, but that won't be today.
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