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oh man this day....

In the spirit of love for my fellow man and so my flist--which just did a really bewildering increase, and hey, what's up? How are you?--I thought i'd introduce you to a typical meeting I attend.

This is what we call "jenn in the wilds of public service". Or more importantly, she with teh attention span of a stoned gnat.

transcribed from notes, 4/10/2006, 9:00-11:30 AM:

Page 1:

One ofhte most boring parts of my day is the long meetings. The real problem is, they are not *interesting meetings*. They remind me vaguely of English Comp II, which I can only defend by saying that if you have ever had to deal with the tell then told then told again style of essay writing, you'd totally get it.

Epic boredom.

This reminds me of other times that I was bored. They are all the same. They involve a lot of crying.

20,00 calls per week. Huh and fascinating!
Let me die now. 9:45 AM
Seriously. Right now. 10:00 AM
OMG it's that too enthusiastic guy from last time!
I have seen this before. This. Is hell. 10:05 AM
Hell Hell Hell.
I have never watned to be a seal more than right this second.
I think all the missing time in the world people complain about? Is being condensed into THIS MOMENT. 10:10 AM

Page 2

The second biggest problem in teh universe is the entire stupid question thing. Casue seriously, HOW MANY WAYS does the same information need to be shared? Do you want it in Swahili? And hye, what is up with Swahili? Is it popular soemwhere?

Assistant Commissioner is here. Oh joy. I can die happy now.
No seriously. Die now. Happy.
Scanning (some word here, looks obscene not sure) I have a reason to live.
I hate the words "Just to clarify"
OMG he is lying about the application!
Also, he's wrong about the schedule 10:32 AM
Okay, hold on, you don't have the right to a receipt?
HA@ Yes they do! I am *so smart*!
You know, he would annoy me so much less if he could at least admit that the new system is NOT all that and a basket of chips, okay? It's not his passion I fault--it's his blindness due to (some words, maybe obscene?) pasion or for the fact that he is prosituting his ethics to his job. 10:35 AM

page 3:

Weeping during a meeting is not approved, yet I want to 10:10 AM
He keeps saying he has some sort of sore throat? Not obviously. God he can talk. I dont' think he is breathing. 10:45 AM
This has reached exponential levels of uninteresting. I don't thin kthat anytime in history they have been this uninteresting. I should study this. 10:50 AM

It's over!
now more long questions. Oh weep for joy. I was afraid I'd find a reason to live.

Delay might slow down rollout schedule. You think? but of course, he knows nothing.

I feel that he's nice. It's just really (some word, probably obscene in Finnish) I'm glad his passion is 211. Really. 10:55 AM

No dublicate data entry as of today! 11:00 AM

I don't believe it. Is this meeting ending? 11:03 AM
Okay! Life better! Must celebrate!
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