Seperis (seperis) wrote,

rain of boredom and insomnia

How you know you're bored.

1.) You think, "Ronon gets pregnant. The father could be Elizabeth or Zelenka. Sheppard decides he and McKay should have babies. McKay starts drinking. Teyla wonders if any men in the galaxy are straight. Whacky hijinks ensue!" And you think, that is an idea whose time has come.

2.) You are sitting with your friend and say "Hey, let's start a flamewar." And she says, "That's not a bad idea." You get stuck looking for a topic that feels incendiary and start to make a passive-aggressive yet pointed post on the subject. Then you want ice cream and forget what you were trying to say.

3.) You think making coffee at eleven at night is a great idea.

4.) You make a short list of everyone who has annoyed you in the last week and then realize that you yourself are prominently displayed. You go back to your ice cream.

5.) At any time, you look at Bates and think, "Why haven't I slashed him with Cameron from SG1?" Then you think, "I don't watch SG1." Then you want more coffee.

6.) You actually open up a WIP and try to work on it. Even the one where Rodney's crazy. You realize, belatedly, that the theme of John killing massive amounts of people has, in fact, become a kink. You realize you are deeply disturbed, so you get more ice cream.

7.) You are suddenly tempted to become the kind of person who tries to make someone form a group chat just so someone you hate will show up and you can passive aggressively mock them until they explode at you, at which time you can be a victim. And you realize that you are beyond deeply disturbed and go back to contemplating John's body--er, body *count*. And then you remember there really isn't anyone you dislike that much. You also wonder when in your life you have ever been subtle enough to pull that off.

8.) Any time you think, "I wonder if John's been a fairy king yet." And you go looking. The fact that you cannot find it both relieves you and pisses you off, because by God, that is crack right there and someone should write it.

9.) You kind of want to post more pictures of your rabbits. And your rabbit related wounds.

10.) You think it's a good idea to AIM someone you know hates you with a passion and say "What's up?" You remember you aren't actually a masochist. But by God, it would be *interesting*.

You know, I have this suspicion that this is one entry I am going to regret making in the morning. One day, I will do my Top Ten Fandom Lies and possibly get myself lynched. *hugs list to chest* Or did I do that already? Must try to remember.
Tags: the slow creep of insanity

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