Seperis (seperis) wrote,

this is me, in rapture

The Roads Never Lead Where They Are Supposed to Go by eleveninches

I have apparently been waiting my entire fannish life, or at least the SGA portion, to read this. I totally have. It's--oh my GOD it's so cracked and hysterical and funny and *fun* and it makes an amazing amount of sense, whether or not you are high at the time. I want to have its tiny velociraptor babies and tell it long stories of dead civilizations and possibly teach it to love coffee.

Oh my GOD, this is the kind of stuff that I am in fandom to read. You just can't get this kind of thing anywhere else. Read now. Now now now. No, seriously. Read it. Read it *now*. Total cookie icon moment.
Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2006
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