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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is me, in rapture
The Roads Never Lead Where They Are Supposed to Go by eleveninches

I have apparently been waiting my entire fannish life, or at least the SGA portion, to read this. I totally have. It's--oh my GOD it's so cracked and hysterical and funny and *fun* and it makes an amazing amount of sense, whether or not you are high at the time. I want to have its tiny velociraptor babies and tell it long stories of dead civilizations and possibly teach it to love coffee.

Oh my GOD, this is the kind of stuff that I am in fandom to read. You just can't get this kind of thing anywhere else. Read now. Now now now. No, seriously. Read it. Read it *now*. Total cookie icon moment.

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You posted to part three. :p

*sighs* Fixed.

My fingers still hurt!

Uh huh! Blame your poor hapless fingers. Right.

Thank you! Now I'm all embarrassed.

I'm still curled up in a ball re-reading and pointing hysterically and saying YES JUST LIKE THAT. IT WOULD BE LIKE THAT! And other noises that only count as language in my head. You totally made my day. Hell, my *week*. I just--



Best day *ever*. Oh my God, this is the total sum reason I read fanfic, right here. Thank you so much for posting. I mean, sincere oh thank God you posted. Thank God. Dinosaurs. John the stoner botanist. I will sit here and do another re-read and send you hopeful inspirational thoughts for the future. Possibly offer up to the porn gods. You could adopt me, right, so I can see the cool stuff early? Cause man. Totally best thing ever.

Yes, I am on a coffee and sugar high. Yes indeed.

Thank you! frhsdfhsdh I don't even know how to reply to this. The Camshaft/John cracks me up more than it should. It was originally a throw-away line about John sleeping with someone at the SGC who used to call him Jack in bed, but onthecontrary was like, "IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS IF..."

My next fic's going to be Elizabeth/Ronon (Rizabeth!), and GOD WILLING, it won't be as long as this one.

...isn't there a terrible name for Elizabeth/Ronon yet? We have *sparky* (god, that makes me twitch so hard I rupture things) and spanky (please please tell me that's a joke) but now that I think about it? Ronon/Elizabeth deserves one too. Somethign embarassing to say and horrifying to type. Sippy? Snotty? *twitch* Wow. I just made myself twitch.

Mmm, Elizabeth/Ronon *pretty*.

*happy purring place*

I am so glad I read this. I laughed so hard.

That was the finest crack I've seen in a long time.



I am *tripping* on this. It's so freaking *fun*.

...and Cameron calling John Jack and Daniel and Teal'c WILL NEVER STOP KILLING ME DEAD!

*bouncing wildly*

Yes. Lots of sugar and coffee today. oh yes. Goooood stuff.

Dude, yes. As soon as I saw the post, I knew this story would rock so much. Erin was one on my favourite crack!fic authors in QAF as well. :X

This is like--beyond crack. It makes crack cry for being insufficient. It's--ubercrack. YES! IT IS UBERCRACK!

I am on my *third read*. This never gets boring.

I haven't seen you this excited in a long time. It's *fun*. =))

I read it twice already. Environmentalist!John just never gets old.

*grins* It was just--it's so *funny*, and it was in character, and it's like nothing else being posted, and OhmyGodJohntheEnvironmentalist. Seriously. I just could not stop reading or giggling or thinking, yes, yes, yes, of *course* John would be a botanist. Of course he would.

So in *love*. *happy sigh*

Heheh - I dubbed it meta-crack. Nobody has taken the established crack from all over this fandom and gone this far with it in such a superb way.

Thanks for reccing this. I've been laughing so hard for the past hour, my abs are killing me!

I'm so, so glad my hotel room has wireless internet. This makes an entire day of driving through endless, monotonous desert scenery worth it. Best. Crackfic. Ever.


words cannot express my utter love for you at this moment for recc'ing/linking this fic. That was-- amazing!

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