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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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webpage updates
children of dune - leto 1
Well, you know, laziness has to give in eventually.

Added Landscape up to last posted part, along with issaro's and svmadelyn's wonderful illustrative--and sometimes immensely, fantastically creepy--art. Cause they are just cool like that.

Added Empty (Te Deum) to SGA.

And finally, went ahead and added Crimes Against Humanity up to last posted part, with art by threnodyjones and rechfe. Which are so cool it scares me.

threnodyjones - here (Sheppard/McKay), here (Cadman/Beckett), and here (Weir). *grins* So freaking *cool*.

rechfe - here. Seriously. Wow. Just wow. And again, wow.

Also added a gorgeous cover by fatuorum that I *know* I was absolutely thrilled with but never--well, I don't remembr if I ever had a huge lj orgasm over it. It's here, and *God*, so gorgeous.

You know, if I could just finish my one hundred fifteen SGA recs and add them in? I would be the most updated I've been since December. So *pretty*. And God, so much typing.

My fingers hurt now.

ETA: fixed link. I think.

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That last link is all foofled up. But otherwise. LE SHINY.

Fixed! *bounces*

Oh God, my hands hurt.

*sends nice warming gloves*

Yeah. THe weather here did some wacky hijinks and now everything's a mess. Thankfully sister is willing to help out on my evil back front.



One day I will get my website updated.

Or bribe someone else to do so.

FYI, the cover link doesn't work.

OK, it works now... Pretty!!!

Darn it, I get a 404 error every time I try to access the cover links.

OKAY, never mind ::HEAD DESK:: now they work *G*! YAY! I love this story more and more and more, the evil-er they get (is evil-er a word? Nah, should be).

It *should be*. Eviler. EEEVVIILLLERRRR. More evil. Eviler has a nicer ring to it. And can be drawn out into like, fifty syllables of fun.

I think your domain is blocking links from lj?

Hmm, it shouldn't be. Is it still?

Nope! Thanks, seems to be working fine. Those are lovely.

Wow, all of those art links are amazing. Wow.

It's access forbidden to me.


It's--*blinks at it slowly*. I have an htaccess up, but it's limited to hotlinking. and all of lj is specifically excluded so...yeah. I have nothing on that one.

*frowns at illuminated text* You are doing this to annoy me, aren't you, webspace?

So, so lovely.

(And re: access forbidden issues - if I try to click through a link from a friendslist page of this entry, I get denied. If I click through from the entry-page itself, like the comment page? No issue. Not that I have any idea what that means, just, data.)

Also - zbugh! Crimes Against Humanity! I hadn't read any of it yet and am now sitting here being like 'YES EXACTLY'. I'm so much more fond of all these SGA alternate universes floating around than I am of the actual show at this point. (Like, logic! Consequences! Consistent, in-depth characterization! It's amazing.)

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