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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, until now my day sucked.


On the phone right now? is a guy. Who wants to lodge a complaint against the feminist run HHSC. The feminists are destroying the country with supporting evil immigration.

So not kidding.

Four minutes in.


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I'm more than happy to travel in order to punch him in the face.

It was *surreal*. He's talking about my entire gender and--I mean, I couldn't stop myself from going "Oh, yeah, *sure*, tell me *more*, cause the insanity was---amazing. Truly. Amazing.

So, this reminds me of a brilliant date horror story of mine. Now, that face in my icon up there is me, so I think you can tell that I am not white. In fact, I am black. When I do online personal ad things, I mention in the very first email that I am OMGBLACK because if someone wants to be a fuckhead about it, it's nice to get that over with quickly.

I'm on a date with a white woman and we're chatting about various things, as one does. She tells me a story about how a girl from her hometown was on Jerry Springer. The girl's parents were completely shamed by their daughter's mortifying display and couldn't bear to leave the house. The horrible, shameful, OMGDIE thing her daughter had done was....going on Jerry Springer to express interest in a black male guest.

I blinked several times. I delicately confirmed that the woman lusting after the Springer guest was white. I checked that I was still black and she was still white. At that point the date was mentally over but I proceeded to encourage her to dig herself deeper.

Okay, you win for *worst date* in history. Or at very least, Most Oblivious Ever.

Dear God.

*curious* Okay, now I am curious. How much more did she say?

She talked about how she couldn't believe that the girl let everyone know she was interested in a black guy. It was one thing to be interested privately, since the girl didn't live in the same town as her parents, but being on TV she had shamed her parents horribly. Her parents literally did not leave the house for several days, and my date's parents drove groceries to the parents house because going to the grocery store was just too much. I also clarified the issue was that the was on Springer and declaring her lust for a black man, not that she was on Springer in general. If the girl had picked been interested in a guest who was white it would have only been mildly embarassing for her parents.

Pretty much I got her to talk for about 20 minutes about how interracial dating was a dirty secret that you should never engage in some place where your family might find out. My date, unsurprisingly, did not grow up in the area and thus had no family to shame by going out with me. Or something. She really did not seem to grasp why I suddenly needed refills of my wine.

The other great thing about this person was that after the dinner from hell, she asked me out again. I used the deletey finger of DOOM.

Your story reminds me about how my first "boyfriend" and I went to Homecoming at our high school, and of course since we were so young his mother was driving us.

She said, politely, as I got in the car, all dolled up and feeling very grown up: "Wow! You're looking very pretty for a Mexican!"



First of all, I'm not Mexican. Secondly, I still don't think the guy understood why I hated his mother after that.

Wow. That makes Homecoming into an even more special sort of hell.

Is involuntary sterilization always wrong?

This lady sounds like such a twit that I think it would be a disaster for the future of the human gene pool if she decided to breed.

I mean, HELLO!!!!!


The sheer--I mean, I have no words--well, yes, I do, but none are really quite encompassing the *scope* of stupidity. The sheer magnitude.

Seriously, wow.

Was it good wine at least?

The wine was good and my server overhead enough to realize that I needed it delivered with great swiftness. So, it wasn't a total loss.

my icon textually renders my boggle.

*grins* It was a conversation of beauty.

You should post his address so all us scary feminists can write to him and let him know we KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. Perhaps he'll flee the country. ^_^

Yeah, unfortunately it is not at all suprising considering as how I had some lovely kid pop up and try to argue in class that the week on women's history was only instituted because of that evil plan of femnazis to take over the world.

It is so hard to grasp the concept that feminism is about giving equality to women and not some huge conspiracy out to take over the world, complete with evil canned laughter and theories.

*gnashes teeth*

with people like that, sometimes I feel like we might as well. because hey, what have we got to lose, right? ;)

Yes, unleash the inner hellion and just go to town. May as well have some *fun* amongst it all.

Ah, the shriek of threatened masculine privilege. Makes me want to let lots and lots of Mexican women into the country just to make him whine harder.

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