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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - the greatest rescue mission in the pegasus galaxy
The Greatest Rescue Mission in the Pegasus Galaxy by _mausi - I have *no words*. Oh my GOD, they rescue...they rescue...

No. You have to read it.

"So," John says, pointedly ignoring Rodney, "I'll get Teyla down here, we can come up with a plan, and nobody tells Elizabeth, alright?"

"Oh, fantastic. Just how do you suggest we, I don't know, dial the gate? Or are we just taking the jumper to the nearest gate – which I have to say is over fifteen hours away – besides, this is not a good idea, and I'm going to suggest you seriously think about this, Colonel, and not go off half-cocked on a so called rescue mission."

John pauses halfway to the door and says, "you know you're coming with, right?"

Cookie icon for being this freaking cool.

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I did not want it to end. There should be, like, a challenge for what happens next. No plot necessary, just, just, more images of John and Rodney and--and you know...

OMG! seperis you rock soo much. thanks for the rec your right it was soo cool. lol

*squeeing softly* John with puppies! It's like the *cutest thing in history*. Okay? Ever.

Maybe he'll speak French to them. And then we can all die. Happy.

Maybe he'll speak French to them. And then we can all die. Happy.

As the two puppies bounced around on the bed, John checked to make certain Rodney was well and truly in the shower.

Then he leaned over Percival, the one who'd attached himself primarily to John and said, "Vous êtes le chiot le plus mignon jamais!"

*melts into puddle on the floor*

...I have no idea what that means? But it sounds *so pretty*.

*G* - it's either "You are the cutest puppy ever!" OR, possibly, "You will only piddle on Rodney's side of the bed," with Babelfish anything is possible.

Someone desperately needs to do a chibi drawing of John and Rodney and their 99 puppies.

*nods decisively*

Random I know sorry (I was reading back over all your recs - thank you by the way) but I wanted to let you know these links are broken. After a bit of searching it appears she no longer has the _ at the beginning of her name. This is the new fic link

*I'll run back into obscurity now*

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