Seperis (seperis) wrote,

insta!rec - the greatest rescue mission in the pegasus galaxy

The Greatest Rescue Mission in the Pegasus Galaxy by _mausi - I have *no words*. Oh my GOD, they rescue...they rescue...

No. You have to read it.

"So," John says, pointedly ignoring Rodney, "I'll get Teyla down here, we can come up with a plan, and nobody tells Elizabeth, alright?"

"Oh, fantastic. Just how do you suggest we, I don't know, dial the gate? Or are we just taking the jumper to the nearest gate – which I have to say is over fifteen hours away – besides, this is not a good idea, and I'm going to suggest you seriously think about this, Colonel, and not go off half-cocked on a so called rescue mission."

John pauses halfway to the door and says, "you know you're coming with, right?"

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Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2006
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